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Interview Failures

Author: TMS Talent

Published Date: 2017/10


The little things can make all the difference and even if you feel like you have aced the interview, there could be something simple that has cost you the role.

The TMS Talent team give you their input of the biggest, yet simplest failures they’ve experienced from an unsuccessful interview

Playing on your phone

Everywhere we look people are on their phones, but while you are in the reception or interview room waiting for you interviewer, resist the urge to pass the time on your phone. If there is a brochure handy, take a look through it or otherwise just be patient.

Posture and poise

You would be surprised how many people in an interview will slouch in their chair or sit casually which gives the impression you are blasé and not interested. Remember to compose yourself in a professional manner and sit upright.

Late for interview

So basic and so vital. Delays can happen, whether it be down to weather to traffic, but if you are running late even if it’s only by a minute, call your interviewer to let them know.

Keep personal belongings to yourself

Resist the urge to unload your pockets on the desk of the meeting room. Unless it is a folder containing relevant documents, there is no need to show your interviewer your phone, keys or other personal items.

If you are skyping, test the camera

It is that awkward moment when you realise you have just completed a video interview where they have been staring up your nostrils the whole time. Don’t assume that the interviewer will point out if the camera is not in the right position. If you are doing a video interview set up the camera so there is enough distance between you and the camera to allow your full profile to fit in the frame. Selfie videos rarely work well.

Expand your answers

This is your time to shine and Yes and No answers are not going to allow you to do that. Expand on your answers and try and build some rapport. This is the time to "sell" yourself.

Personal hygiene

We all know it can get hot and sticky out there, summer is not a good time to be wearing a suit, but no one wants to be in a meeting room with that familiar odour so be prepared. Either leave enough time so you are not running around getting hot and bothered or bring deodorant