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Is Retail Travel For You?

Author: TMS Talent

Published Date: 2017/10


Are you still trying to decide if a Retail Travel job is for you?

As recruitment specialists for the travel industry, we recruitment for all roles within this industry, however a large degree of our positions are for retail travel consultants. Yet, when we speak with candidates, many of them are hesitant, if not adamant, that they don’t want to work or remain in retail travel.

We wanted to set the record straight and highlight to you why working in retail travel is great!

  • Feedback from those already working in this role generally say the inconsistent salary is hard to manage, while those who have not yet worked in this role fear the high pressure of targets.
  • In terms of the inconsistent salary, although it may be tough at first once you’ve built up a strong client base, the rewards (and pay check) will speak for themselves. Earning potential in retail travel can see you receiving $100k per year.
  • However, if this is still an area of concern for you, and for those of you new to this role, remember, not all retail stores work on commission. A number or agencies, particularly boutique companies, offer a set annual salary with the chance to earn bonuses rather than commission.
  • If you love everything travel, then working as a retail consultant could be perfect. Apart spending the day talking about and planning some amazing holidays, the perks and familiarisation trips are unrivalled, with product freebies and the chance to travel with work to some ‘to die for’ locations and properties.
  • Contrary to what you may think, not all retail role are face to face. Thanks to technology there are a lot of online travel companies operating, meaning if you’re not confident about your face to face people skills, you can still do the job you love over the phone.
  • The career progression for retail consultants is one of the best in the business, for you would have gained a multiple of talents, from product knowledge and organisations skills to networking and sales skills. Depending on your strengths and ambition you can pick and choose where you want to take the next step.

Each retail role and store is different from the next, so don’t close the door on these jobs completely, as you may just need a change of scenery.