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Is Your Cover Letter Losing You The Job?

Author: TMS Talent

Published Date: 2017/10


The art of writing an effective cover letter is all about keeping it relevant to the job at hand rather than ‘one size fits all’. Sounds Simple? It is….but you’d be surprised how many people get it wrong.


Most people concentrate on buzz words but it is a good idea to no fill your cover letter with words and sentences such as ‘hard working, excellent time management, driven and results orientated’. Anyone can write these types of sentences, but what do they mean, unless you have facts and examples to go with them. What example can you use to show you are hard working or results orientated?


Firstly, take a look at the skills and experience requirements for the role, where does your current experience match what they are asking for?

  • Previous experience as a travel consultant
  • Experience in complaint handling
  • Proven Sales Experience


Example: I have previously been working as a travel consultant for the past 3 years, arranging complex international travel itineraries therefore I am able to demonstrate excellent destination knowledge. I was nominated as the "go to" person for any escalated complaints that other consultants where not comfortable dealing with, due to my exceptional service skills and ability to satisfy customer needs. An example of my proven sales skills is the ability to always meet my monthly targets and even exceed them, in the past 6 months I have exceeded my sales targets by 20%.


The above sentence answers all the skills listed, going into specifics and highlighting not only your capability to do the job at hand, but it has also demonstrates you are a team player (you help colleagues with their customers complaints) and you show dedication in you work (you not only meet your targets, you exceed them).


Think about any additional projects you have worked on in the past, would they be relevant to the role you are applying for? Have you been nominated or won any awards? Have you received positive feedback from managers, colleagues or clients?


Ask yourself out loud - Why are you good for this role, above everyone who is applying for the position?