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Make Yourself Memorable

Author: TMS Talent

Published Date: 2017/10


We all know the basics of conducting a good interview but how can you go the extra mile and stand out from everyone else – in a good way of course!

Presuming you’ve done all the essential stuff – dressed to impress, done your research, turned up on time – you’ll now need to go the extra mile to win the race!

  • Employers want to hire people who can contribute to the company and bring something to the team. Really dig deep into what they are looking for and the role they are recruiting for and emphasise why you’re the best person for it by focusing on key elements from the advertisement.
  • Giving examples of your work is always a winner but so many people forget to do this. A lot of people can say what they can do but not everyone can prove it. Whether you’re saying you’ve got amazing organisational skills or you go above and beyond on customer service, pick out a time when you’ve been amazing and done these things, explaining what you did and the outcome. Don’t forget the outcome! (positive outcome of course)
  • If you’re going for a sales position, the interviewer will want to see your past figures and sales growth. Have all these details with you to discuss during interview, but perhaps more importantly be sure to advise them on how you reached these figures and what you did differently. Even if some of the methods were crazy and innovative this will show you can think outside of the box and make you stand out.
  • If you are looking for management positions, you want to show that you can not only lead a team, but make the team successful. Did the staff retention rate increase during your time? If yes, then what did you do that affected this? Did the team grow because of your efforts? Tell them how your team has developed. Have they progressed in the company through training and support you gave them, or perhaps they’ve moved into a different area of the business as you could recognise their skills.

Make yourself memorable.