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The Challenges Executives Face When Job Hunting

Author: Ainslie Hunt

Published Date: 2017/11


As an Executive Candidate, the search for a new role can be a little daunting. If you feel like you are applying for numerous roles and not hearing back or being selected for an interview, there could be a good reason. What are they?

Given the current market conditions, sending resumes alone are not enough to land that new senior role. Those resumes could be going to a computer somewhere offshore where it is selecting your key words within your resume. Here are some tips to help you:

  • Job fit – You may feel that you are suitable for the job but is this reflected in your resume? Have you highlighted the specific achievements or areas that would fit perfectly into the new position that you are applying for? If possible, engage the services of a professional recruiter or resume writer to honestly critique your resume.
  • Manage expectations – You may be able to increase your chances in this current employers’ market by tempering your salary expectations. Be open to negotiations about pay and benefits.
  • Secure strong testimonials – Find testimonials from persons from within the industry. This will make a big positive impact on your resume. Know and use your network
  • Keep an open mind – Stay open and flexible to accepting contract or temporary positions.
  • Don’t overdo it – Don’t flood the industry and every recruitment agency in town with your resume! You will risk losing your credibility with future employers. 
  • Positivity - One of the biggest attributes that you can bring to a new company or role is positive enthusiasm and hunger for that role. Demonstrate this throughout your communication at all times.