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Why Waiting Until After Christmas Could Kill Your Chances of Finding A New Job

Author: Jasmine Pickering

Published Date: 2017/11


Do you know the least effective day of the week to start looking for a job? Hint: it’s the same as starting a new diet. TOMORROW! At this time of year it can be very tempting to put off making a change until after Christmas. As a professional recruiter I’m here to tell you why that’s a bad idea.


Beat the crowd and get ahead

When it comes to job hunting competition is not your friend. Even the most qualified individual can look bad when compared to hundreds of others at the same time. After New Year is when EVERYONE looks and prime time for your application to be lost in a sea of resumes. First in best dressed isn’t just a saying. It rings true time and time again in recruitment with roles consistently going to the earliest applicants.


Don't miss your window

Not only do some companies shut completely over New Year and Christmas, many completely put off hiring from the 23rd of December until the back end of January. It can be a dreadfully quiet time and almost pointless to be job seeking. Without a doubt the best time is from now until the lead up to give yourself the best chance.


They want people NOW

As most companies spend December planning for the new year it is usually a high priority to get the staff they need in place sooner rather than later. If a company needs staff in 2018 they will almost always want to get the process started early so they know who they have in place and can plan, budget and forecast accordingly.


Getting the job you want is all about beating the competition and what better way to beat the competition than to apply when there is no competition. At this time of year we have the same or more jobs than at any other time but applications drop off. If you’ve been dreaming of making that change now is the time to put yourself in with the best shot of landing that dream position that may be just out of reach at other times of the year. So slap your resume together and put yourself in touch with one of our recruiters today.