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Why So Many Entry Level Jobs Require Experience

Author: TMS Talent

Published Date: 2017/12


We’ve all been there right. Casually scrolling through Seek when you see it. The job that ticks every box that you already know you can do!

“Work from home travel consultant”

Travel consultant? Work from home? Your excitement builds. If there’s three things you love it’s travel, talking about travel and spending all day at home in your pyjamas. There’s no way you can’t do this job! 


You’re already getting ready to tell the boss he can stuff his 9 to 5 while you plan your next status update: “May the bridges I burn light my way.” Or perhaps, “Work hard enough and dreams really can come true.”


And then it happens. You read the role requirements.

  • Minimum 50 years’ experience as a travel consultant (but more is better)
  • A PhD in Travel Science (Masters at the very least – Bachelors degree or less need not apply)
  • Able to recite all 195 countries in reverse alphabetical order while standing on your head


And just like that you’re back to work. You shake your head and wonder why on Earth these seemingly entry level roles require so much experience. Here are the three major reasons why:


Employers don’t want to train

This is the number one driver behind these absurd requirements. The people you will be working with aren’t there to train, they’re there to do their own job.  And like all of us, they want to do what they’re both good at and get paid for which is generally getting their own work done. No matter the position, employers want someone who can work unaided from day one and the easiest way to ensure that is to find someone with lots of experience doing the exact same job.


Longevity is VERY attractive to employers

There is nothing more costly and time consuming to an employer than high staff turnover and most will do almost anything to prevent it. The easiest way to predict someone’s future is to look at their past and that’s where experience comes in. Employers think that if you’ve stayed in a previous role for a long time you’ll be more likely to stay with them and that is something they find very appealing.


Some jobs require an understanding of particular software programs

Talking about travel seems simple right? If you’ve got a bit of sales experience you’ll know that you won’t have too much trouble talking someone into taking a trip. And while this is absolutely correct one aspect of the travel industry that many don’t know about it is the highly sophisticated and complex software programs that power everything behind the scenes. Even the fastest learner is going to take a few months to get up and running with these things and most take upwards of a year. In this case it’s not you! It’s actually for a very good reason.


The truth of course is you don’t need to match these requirements exactly to get the job. You just need to be able to demonstrate to the employer that you will need minimal training and will stick around for the long haul. As long as you can tick those two boxes many will be more than happy to give you a shot.