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8 Tourism Jobs With Amazing Benefits In Brisbane

Author: TMS Talent

Published Date: 2018/02


Brisbane has a whole host of opportunities for those interested in working in the tourism sector, each with an impressive salary. Let's take a look at some of the best tourism jobs in Brisbane.


Casino General Manager

To become a Casino General Manager you will need a degree under your belt. It's one of the most difficult jobs to get due to the high level of experience needed, but with an average salary of $140,000, it's not hard to see why.


Head Chef

If you love to cook but want to aim for a management role, a Head Chef might be right up your street. You'll be in charge of the staff, food preparation and the one who gets to create exciting new menus. If you have great leadership skills, this role, which has an average salary of $77,000 might be for you.


Park Ranger

One of the most attractive things about working in Brisbane is the ability to find amazing opportunities to work outdoors. This once in a lifetime role allows you to ensure that Australia's plants and wildlife are protected, and will pay approximately $68,000 for your troubles.


Hotel Manager

Having qualifications will help you reach the top quicker, but you don't always need a degree to climb the ladder. You can start off in a low paying hotel role and providing that you do your job well, you could easily be promoted to the top. It may take a while if you start from the bottom, but a salary of $62,000 is certainly worth aiming for.


Event Manager

Organisation is key to this role which will see you being responsible for anything from private parties to huge exhibitions. It can be an extremely varied and fun role which offers an average salary of $62,000.


Head of Housekeeping

This is one of the roles which you can achieve by simply working hard. You don't need qualifications, just the aptitude to be a fast learner who is thorough in their work. By doing this you can turn that entry-level job into a senior one which pays $60,000.


Food and Beverage Manager

Another role which allows you to begin at entry level and progress on the job. You will likely be in charge of the operation of a food or beverage establishment, so having great customer service skills is essential. If you have the ability to work in a fast-paced environment with the ability to organise efficiently, then you might be able to take home an average salary of $60,000.


Travel Consultants

If you want to help people find their dream destinations, whilst enjoying the perks of heavily discounted travel, then this might be the role for you. The average salary is $52,000 with additional benefits making it an even higher paying role.


As one of the top destinations in Australia, tourism jobs in Brisbane offer a huge variation of once in a lifetime roles, so get looking now.