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How Your Business Can Hire The Best Talent For The Job

Author: TMS Talent

Published Date: 2018/02


No travel company wants a high staff turnover rate so finding the right candidate for the role is vital, however lack of resources and tight deadlines can often result in quick hires of staff that aren’t always right and end up leaving, either from their choice or yours, then you’re back to square one.


These tips will help you get it right the first time and help you on your way to better staff retention.


Think about your online presence

As with employers checking out the social pages of potential new staff, candidates will also take a look at the company on social media pages, whether it is LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram. Are your company pages portraying the right image that matches your brand and how you want to be seen? If you want to show you’re an innovative and modern company, ensure your website is not outdated and in dire need of a refresh.


Take your time

Finding the right employee for the job can take time. It’s worth spending a bit more time searching if it means finding the perfect person who is not only right for the role but will also stay. The ideal candidate will be an asset to the business whereas the wrong person can hinder the business or can cause unnecessary issues.


Expand your search

The chances of finding the perfect candidate from just posting an advert on a job board are slim. Often the best candidates are not looking or they may be keeping their job hunting quiet. Using a dedicated recruitment company can help you find those hidden candidates, or expanding your advertising to social media or with specific industry media publications who also advertise jobs can allow you to reach new audiences.


Look beyond the skills

Often the best person for the job doesn’t possess all the required skills however their attitude and drive can make them more suitable. Taking a look at their hobbies, volunteering or projects they have been involved in can give you an indication about their personality. Think about what skills and experience are an absolute must for the job and which can be replaced for life experience or skills in other areas.


If you’re recruiting for your next star employee and want help in discovering the most talented candidate for the role, speak to one of our dedicated travel recruitment consultants today. 

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