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9 Promising Travel Jobs To Look Forward To

Author: TMS Talent

Published Date: 2018/03


Whether you are studying for a qualification in the travel and tourism sector, an international citizen keen to build a new life down under, or a backpacker planning to combine personal travel adventures with temporary work, there's plenty of work to be had in the burgeoning Australian tourism industry.

Australia welcomed nearly 9 million international visitors in 2017, with many of these joining the hordes of domestic tourists who flock to Sydney to enjoy the amazing sights. These figures help explain why travel jobs in Sydney are so abundant and open to people with various levels of experience.

Employment opportunities are available across a range of different categories, such as both front and behind scene service and hospitality, sales, admin and tech-based positions, and here are more details of nine of the specific roles available.

   1. Travel Consultant

Not everyone wants to have a DIY holiday, relying instead on a travel agent to recommend a great deal, find the lowest prices and generally do all the hard work. A great role for multi-taskers who love to win.

   2. Sales and Ticketing

You could be tasked with finding the best flight or special deal or kept busy making reservations with airlines, hotels and leisure facilities. Corporate-focused posts may involve more sales and promotion elements.

   3. Tour Guide

This could see you based in a city doing walking tours or escorting a coach of tourists around exotic locations, for anything from an hour to several weeks. Tour guides get to meet lots of new people, which makes every day different even if the location stays the same. Some jobs include a sales element, and all require good organisational skills.

   4. Cruise Director

Utilise customer service and management experience to take charge of all non-mechanical aspects of a cruise ship's operations. Being responsible for all entertainment, activities and events makes this a challenging and rewarding role.

   5. Website Designer

A great job for computer experts who have an interest in the travel industry, and a good understanding of what would appeal to the current and potential clients of a travel related business.

   6. Human Resources

Recruiting the right people for travel jobs in Sydney is crucial if everything is to run smoothly for both staff and guests. Being able to assess the qualities of applicants for these roles and match them to the best possible job vacancy is a valuable skill.

   7. Tourist Information Assistant

This could involve working directly with the public in a particular area of the country, answering questions, and researching information on relevant events, accommodation and so on or be behind the scenes with the focus on promoting a region, city or town.

   8. Concierge

Often based in high-end hotels or airline lounges, a concierge loves to make people happy, while meeting requests which can range from ordinary to bizarre with relish. They also help guests by making reservations for leisure and travel activities.

   9. Holiday Representative

Posts are available with all age groups, so the work can range from organising fun events for youngsters, or older teenagers, to escorting adult visitors on tours and basically keeping all visitors happy.


Whatever your background, experience and interests there are so many amazing jobs on offer in the travel industry it would be impossible not to find something to suit you perfectly.