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IT Jobs in the Travel Industry

Author: TMS Talent

Published Date: 2018/03


The IT industry is one of the fastest-growing employment sectors around, which is perhaps no real surprise considering pretty much every job category requires some form of technical services to operate, thrive or expand. The travel industry is no exception, and those with a qualification, background or interest in the IT field will have no problems finding work, whatever their specialism happens to be. Here are some key examples of travel IT roles available in the industry arena.

Computer Programmer

With their specialized education, computer programmers are responsible for bringing website ideas to life. Although all or most of the job involves using technical skills and knowledge, the programmer often works directly with software designers to achieve the best results possible. As so much of the travel industry depends on computer software, there is plenty of work around.

Systems Analyst

This is a hybrid technical-business position, drawing on specialist knowledge of computing alongside a keen awareness of economics and the current market. Travel IT roles in this field involve identifying how a company can improve, or make better use of their computing systems, to thrive in the travel industry.

Database Administrator

Maintaining accurate records of relevant customer and sales data securely is crucial, and in the travel field this involves tasks such as recording enquiries, successful bookings and financial transactions.

Information Security Analyst

The first, and possibly the only, line of defence against hackers, this post involves maintaining an extremely high level of security on all relevant platforms.

Network and Computer Systems Administrator

For a systems administrator typical duties involve all aspects of work involved in the computer network of a travel company. This ranges from organizing the installation of a computer to setting up an intranet system.

Computer Network Architect

This role is similar to that of the network and computer systems administrator but focuses primarily on creating internal networks only.

SEO Website Executive

This role focuses specifically on launching, boosting or maintaining a travel company's online presence. Typical tasks involved are creating relevant content for the company blog and website, including meta data for ultimate optimization, creating content for and monitoring all company accounts on various social media platforms and advertising current vacancies.

Software Developers

In the travel industry software developers design and build the systems which computers need to work with, and some also design a specially adapted program designed for mobile phones and devices. Databases are a central part of the travel industry, so some developers choose to specialise in that area.

IT is a specialist field which offers an amazing amount of flexibility along with a potential lifetime of employment opportunities. Although some IT positions in the travel industry require specific qualifications, there are others which IT enthusiasts currently working in some arm of the travel field are eligible to apply for. It's also very common for such positions to be advertised in-house and promising staff members are often encouraged to apply.