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The Cardinal Sins to Avoid During Your Job Interview

Author: TMS Talent

Published Date: 2018/03


Whatever the role, there are seven cardinal interview sins that you commit at your peril. These sins are especially impactful for those looking for tourism career opportunities. Read on to get up to speed and ensure you avoid these seven key interview mistakes.

Being Late

There is never, ever an excuse for being late for an interview. If you can't be there on time for an interview, an employer will never take you seriously. Avoid being late by being very early. If you are worried about sitting around getting nervous, find something to do close to the interview to take your mind off it, but remain a short walk away so you can't possibly be late. Is there a museum or gallery nearby perhaps that you can visit?

Lack of preparation

A lack of preparation will be obvious in a number of ways, especially if you don't really know what either the business or role are about. For instance if you're looking for a job interview for a restaurant, not knowing what kind of cuisine they serve would show an utter lack of preparation. Instead find out EVERYTHING you can about the role, the business, its customers, and the location of the business and the industry in which it operates in.

The wrong body language

Of that which we communicate, only a small percentage is through the words we choose, whilst over 50% is through our body language (the remaining element is the way in which we say those words). Your body language can make or break an interview. This includes maintaining excellent eye contact, a good firm handshake, straight shoulders (no hunching!) and most importantly, smiling. Smiling and eye contact are especially important for those looking at tourism career opportunities where they will be expected to engage with the public every day.

Bearing a grudge

Were you unfairly dismissed from your last role? Was your boss a bully? Avoid mentioning it at all, even if there is validity to your grudge.

Being overly personal

Being overly personal or flirting can seriously go against you in an interview. Obviously it's important to be friendly and confident, but there's a line between this and being overly personal.

Not having a good question

At the end of an interview you will be asked if you have any questions. Make sure you have some prepared. It's okay to ask questions about pay; employers know that essentially we all work to earn, but try to focus on role related questions, perhaps about career development.

Being badly presented

Scruffy clothes, bad breath, dirty fingernails, four-o-clock shadow, trainers, jeans... none of these will go down well in an interview. No-one expects a candidate for a bar job to turn up in a three-piece suit, but you need to be presentable and smart whatever the role.

Avoiding these seven cardinal sins will see you enjoy greater interview success, whatever the job you are looking for.