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Tourism in Australia

Author: TMS Talent

Published Date: 2018/03


When checking out tourism job opportunities in Australia, it is important to have an overall picture of the industry across the country and the range of companies that regularly have vacancies. Most states have a dedicated website indicating the shape of the industry in their location.

The Australian government agency Tourism Australia is a good starting point. This is responsible for attracting visitors to the country for leisure and business events, which illustrates the two aspects of tourism in the country. Its record speaks for itself as one of the world leaders in tourism marketing.

It is also a key employer, with over 220 people across regional offices in Australia and around the world, from London to Los Angeles and from Shanghai to Tokyo and Mumbai.


Tourism job opportunities stretch across multiple areas of the industry and require different skills. They may be office based or involve other people skills, such as the role of a tour guide.

In Australia there are other aspects that can define a job within tourism. One of the major attractions of the country is the opportunity to take part in or watch top-class sport. This can involve tour guides but also sports experts, especially with a solid knowledge of water sports. Such posts may involve tailoring trips for individuals or groups.

Perhaps surprisingly, the source of tourism in the country is the domestic market; however, contributions from traditional markets such as the UK, the US and Japan make a major contribution, with emerging markets such as China, India and South Korea increasingly making an impact. Those with language skills are increasingly catching the eye of employers within the industry.


The diverse interests of visitors mean employers are always on the lookout for those with specialist knowledge. Land-based visitors may be looking for a backpacker trip or a working experience, for example, in which case tourism advisers can help with solid advice and a good knowledge of the market.

Increasingly popular is ecotourism; therefore, a knowledge of this aspect of tourism will enhance employment prospects. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture is one of the oldest cultures in the world and involves ecotourism. Specialists in this area are increasingly of interest to employers.

Australia is a world-renowned wine producer, with wine and food tourism not only an important part of the country's economy but also the tourist market. Again, tourism jobs concentrating on this sector are increasingly popular.

Cruise ships are also a major contributor to the tourism sector, and a major employer. Working in the tourism sector specialising in this kind of vacation is key to its success; in addition, the cruise lines are keen to employ people trained in the tourism industry covering the whole spectrum from the service sector to hospitality and guide information.

As mentioned above, corporate and event planning is a growing industry in Australia. This can range from business conferences to major events taking place in the country. Specialist knowledge is a plus; however, such events also employ many people with experience in hospitality or catering.

As you would expect from such a vast continent, the range of jobs offered by the tourism industry makes it a major employer and one that makes it very popular with jobseekers.

If you'd like to find our what jobs in tourism may best suit your skill set, get in touch with our team.