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Why is there an Increasing Demand for Recruitment Agencies in the Travel Industry?

Author: TMS Talent

Published Date: 2018/03


Recruiting agencies are increasingly used in every sector of industry, all over the world. For many companies, especially small to medium ones, a recruitment agency will have access to a larger pool of applicants and will be better suited at finding the right people for each specific role. They may even have software that helps them do this. The travel industry in particular has recently increased the amount by which it appoints these agencies to help fill roles. So why has there been such increasing demand in this industry in particular? Read on as we explore the factors behind this.

Seasonal staff

Employers in the tourism industry will tend to have a high turnover of staff. Seasonal patterns in tourism mean that they require many more members of staff in warmer months than colder months, or during school holidays when larger numbers of people travel. As a result, everyone, whether they're advertising travel industry jobs in Brisbane, Sydney, Auckland, London or Bangkok, will need a large number of staff at short notice to meet the demand on their own services. For a hotel, or theme park, this is a major assignment and requires hiring a large team of HR professionals who may find themselves at loose ends during quieter times of the year. This is a key reason why travel industry employers are leading in the services of recruiting agencies, in order to help manage these peaks and troughs of staff turnover.

Finding the right people in a huge pool

Travel jobs appeal to a wide variety of people, and especially travel industry jobs in Brisbane or Sydney, which appeal to those visiting Australia, for a gap year for instance, as well as domestic applicants. Cutting through these large swathes of applicants to find the very best one for your role is no mean feat. Top recruiting agencies, however, use a blend of people knowledge and leading software to take much of this hard work away from the end employer. This means the employer only needs to appoint someone from a very small number of carefully selected applicants.

Travel industry recruiting agencies

The sensible option, of course, is to choose a recruitment agency which specialises in the industry. This will often mean the staff have all previously worked in tourism and understand how the industry works. A specialist recruiting agency will ultimately help you fill a role better than a generalized agency. Excellent recruiting agencies also work hard to build good relationships with clients, understanding their specific needs; this enables them to find the staff members that are most suitable, as they get to know the client better over time.

The increasing demand for recruitment agencies in the travel industry is a natural progression of a globalized economy. The use of recruiting agencies in the travel sector means that employers find the right people for each job and can fill large numbers of roles at short notice.


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