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How Job Seekers Get Shortlisted By Travel Industry Recruiters & HR Managers

Author: TMS Talent

Published Date: 2018/04


If you’re lucky enough to find your dream job advertised, you want to pull out all the stops to make sure you don’t miss the opportunity. With every job there are specific requirements or skills that will catch the eye instantly of the employer, but whether you possess these or not; you can only be ahead of the game if you know how recruiters in the travel industry shortlist applicants.

You may have applied for a similar role in the past and not been successful, don’t let this hold you back as it doesn’t necessarily mean that the competition had better capabilities.


How Are You selling yourself?

From your application the employer must be able to recognise your capabilities and what you can offer them. If you come across as not having much to add to the team you will be overlooked and miss out on the chance of reaching the interview stage. Travel industry recruiters don’t need to sell a job to potential employees as they’re often offering a dream job for many job seekers attracting a huge number of applicants. This means it’s vital to prove you are an ideal candidate.


Do your research

If you know what it’s like to work for the company and know how they operate, then you’re already ahead of the game. You can reflect your findings in your application as you will have more of an idea of what is expected of you. If you know someone working there already, or maybe even a similar role, then you can get an insight from them and build your application around what you know the recruiter wants. If you don’t, then ask. Usually there is a contact number for assistance with applications, just simply call and ask any questions you may have on the position available and a bit more about the company.


Stand Out And Fit In

Travel industry recruiters want someone that fits in. With a high number of applicants, your application must show that you fit in for you to get to the shortlist. You can get a feel of what the company wants from their website and by the language it uses. Is it written creatively, traditionally, formally, or relaxed? Take this research and reflect it in the way you write your application You don’t want to be too relaxed with your language if they portray their business in a formal manner.


Get On That Shortlist

Job seekers that put the most time into their application are most likely to be shortlisted. It’s as simple as that, and it might seem obvious, but there is a way to approach this. Travel industry recruiters don’t just want to hear how successful you are or how hard working you are. They want to know that you are the perfect match for the role and they want evidence.

To get shortlisted you must carefully study the candidate criteria and job description and give the recruiter proof that you meet these requirements. You must not only meet them, but portray how you can be an asset to the company because of your skillset. For example, the travel industry runs at a fast pace, so you could give examples of how you multitask under the pressure.


What if you don’t fit the requirements?

Recruiters in the travel industry won’t necessarily be expecting you to tick every single requirement, so don’t panic. If you don’t meet a tick box, then give an example of how you have worked in a similar environment or role completing similar or like for like tasks. For example, you may not have experience in a managerial role, but may have supervised a team. You may not have experience in the travel industry yet, but you have experience in a customer facing role. Skills can always be transferred - highlight what you know.


Job seekers looking to be shortlisted for a job in the travel industry must stand out. The level of applicants is always huge giving the recruiters a tough job to decipher the applicants that hold the best potential. Make your application stand out.

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