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How to Ace your next Job Interview

Author: TMS Talent

Published Date: 2018/05


Getting the job is all about standing out from the crowd. You want to be remembered for your professionalism, your knowledge, skills and your personality. Remember it is quite possible that 8 other people are interviewing for the same role!

So how do you stand out from your competition?

Prepare yourself

Last minute research in the wee hours of the morning is not the way to go!

  • Take time to research the company, ask around to get feedback on the brand and your interviewer. You will always stand out if you can show you have done your homework. Better still, show an interest in the interviewer; complement them on an achievement they may have had or comment on an interest of theirs you have been able to uncover in your research.
  • Know where you’re going and who you are meeting with. Plan your journey in advance and know the interviews first and last name and title. First impressions are crucial.
  • Look professional. Ensure your grooming is reflective of the type of business you are presenting at.
  • Make a list of a few questions about the position. (Avoid questions on salary & entitlements in your first meeting). Enquire what they anticipate the time frame to be before a decision is made. Or what the interview process will entail and how many others are they meeting for the role.

Interview Critique

Prepare yourself with answers for common interview questions such as these:

1. Tell me what you know about our company and what interests you about this role? Keeping in mind this question is designed to see if you have done your research and to gauge your level of interest in the role. Also, to ensure you have an understanding of what the actual position entails.

2. Why are you leaving your current position? Here, the interviewer is trying to understand your motivation behind your job search. Are you leaving for career growth, a new challenge or are you escaping something? Be careful not to speak badly of your last company or employer.

3. What are your key strengths? (or weaknesses) Questions like these are designed to check that your strengths (or weaknesses) are aligned with those required for the position.

4. What can you bring to this role? Basically, this is your opportunity to sell yourself. What value can you add? Why should they hire you over the other applicants?

Have examples in mind from previous travel jobs or hotel jobs of where you have gone above and beyond or initiatives you have implemented. If you are in a sales role, ensure you have your figures and statistics with you of what you have achieved.


A short email following your interview is an excellent way to express your interest in the role. Thank the interviewer for their time and reinforce your interest in the position and the skills you possess that make you the ideal applicant for their position. Keep it short.

With a few simple steps you can improve your changes of landing your dream jobs in travel, event jobs or hotel jobs by STANDING OUT from your competition!


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