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How To Resign

Author: TMS Talent

Published Date: 2018/05


We are here to ensure you are remembered for your contribution and not your poor exit! 

The dreaded resignation! A task that no one looks forward to! Travel & Hospitality is a niche, close-knit industry, one where gossip travels quickly. Whilst there may be a host of reasons for your resignation it is always best to go out on a professional note regardless of the situation. 


Here are our top tips to remember when it’s your time to move on; 

1.  Give plenty of notice – check your employment contract to ensure you give the required amount of notice before resigning. If you are unsure, 2 weeks to a month is the usual requirement depending on your position and the length of service. Ideally it is best to ensure you have allowed adequate time to do a handover with your replacement and don’t leave your employer short staffed. 


2.  Always resign in person to your supervisor or manager – DON’T be tempted to text or email your resignation to avoid a tough or awkward conversation, it will not be looked upon favorably! 


3.  Follow-up your verbal resignation with a written letter stating todays date and the date you wish to finish up. It is good practice to include a paragraph or two thanking them for the opportunity and valuable skills you may have learnt from your mentors within the business. A resignation letter is not the place to unload all your grievances about the business. You want to leave on a positive note. 


4.  Remain focused – whilst it’s easy to get carried away with the allure of your new job, make sure you tidy up all your lose ends so you ensure a smooth handover for your replacement. 


5.  Exit interviews – some larger organisations may conduct an exit interview. Be honest but keep your comments professional and constructive. 


Be remembered for your achievements not your grievances. Be careful not to burn your bridges - Remember your current manager may end up your future employer - you don't want to hinder your future travel and tourism career opportunities or hospitality careers. 


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