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What NOT To Do At A Job Interview

Author: TMS Talent

Published Date: 2018/05


I’m sure we can all recall a time in a job interview where we said or did something we regret….. Well we’re here to tell you, you are not alone! Having interviewed literally thousands of people over the years and hearing feedback from our clients where job seekers were sent for interviews - there have certainly been many occasions where interviewees have not put their best foot forward. 

Take comfort in some of these humorous scenarios to ease your own interview faux paus!

Here a few to put on your NOT ADVISABLE list;

  • Do not drop to the floor for a set of one handed push-ups in the interview room – your verbal assurance of your health & fitness is enough for us!
  • Do not flirt with the receptionist on your way into the interview room – this will ensure you are remembered by the entire office for all the wrong reasons!
  • Don’t list your weaknesses as conflict resolution or inability to solve problems when applying for a complaint handling or customer service role!
  • Don’t smoke a packet of cigarettes to calm your nerves before you enter the interview room then try to cover the smell with deodorant – it’s not a good look!
  • Do not proceed to eat your Bacon & Egg roll whilst being interviewed.
  • Do not answer your mobile and arrange another interview whilst attending mine! – a sure fire way to not get this job!
  • Don’t claim to have travelled extensively when you have in fact not left the country! Exaggerating your experience does you no favours!


When attending a job interview – even with a travel industry recruitment agency (if you can’t impress your recruiter they will be reluctant to put you forward to their clients) you want to ensure you put your best foot forward EVERY time. 

Get organized, keep it professional, be honest, show your enthusiasm and treat the interviewer with respect! Follow these tips and many travel and tourism industry career opportunities will open up for you. 

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