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7 Career moves for a Retail Travel Consultant

Author: TMS Talent

Published Date: 2018/06


So you joined the glamorous world of the Travel Industry – enticed by your love of travelling & seeing all the wonderful things this planet has to offer, hoping to share your knowledge with others looking to follow in your footsteps. However the time has come to make a move and learn some new skills to broaden your travel careers!

Well the good news is that the experience you will have gained as a Retail Travel Consultant or Travel Agent (with 2 years + experience) is excellent training ground for multiple career moves. As a Retail Travel Consultant you gain exposure to a variety of products & destinations as well as airfares and in some cases ticketing and documentation. This training gives you an excellent platform to move into a variety of areas within the Travel Industry;


For those looking to have a break from face to face sales, Corporate Travel is an excellent option. If you are a fast worker & excel at customer service, a corporate travel job in Australia would be a great option. In corporate travel your clients are travelling for work purposes, so there is little need for day tours and sightseeing. Corporate travellers traditionally require business or first class airfares with 5 star hotels, so efficiency & customer service are key to success in this area -with an added bonus of higher salaries, Corporate could be your next move!

Wholesale – Specialist

Being a global expert can be hard work! For some, specialising in a destination or product may be more appealing so joining a wholesaler could be the avenue for you. You could choose a wholesaler that specialises in a single destination like Africa or region like South East Asia for example, this would enable you to become an expert on everything from accommodation to touring in that area only. Another option is choosing a wholesale brand that specialise in organised tours to set destinations, sometimes for specific age groups or markets – again enabling you to become an expert in a smaller region or market segment. Cruising is another option for those that want to specialise in their travel jobs.

Groups & Incentives

This is another great career move for Retail Travel Consultants that have had exposure to group travel arrangements. With your heightened organisational skills, arranging Group or Event travel can open a whole new dimension to your career. Event & Incentive companies look for Retail Travel Consultants to book group travel with pre & post tour extensions for conferences & incentives. Event jobs can be very enticing!


If you thrive on targets and closing the sale then moving into a Sales role could be an excellent career opportunity. As a Sales Executive you will call on Retail Travel Agencies promoting a product or destination with the intention of increasing sales and exposure of your product or brand. Having sat through multiple product talks from the sales reps visiting your retail travel agency, you should be an expert in how to deliver an informative product talk - with first-hand knowledge as a consultant you will know what it is that Retail Consultants want to hear from the sales reps that visit their office!


 Online is a great option for those that love leisure itinerary planning but prefer to be out of the public eye without the pressure of face to face sales. With the dominance of the internet, Online Travel Agencies are becoming increasingly popular.  

Consolidation/ Fares & Ticketing

If find you have a love of constructing complex airfares and ticketing, then joining a consolidator could be a great option for you. Your role will involve assisting travel agents with fare enquiries and ticketing.


If it’s travel you are after, join an airline! With multiple areas to consider including; reservations, fares & ticketing, check-in, flight attending or ground staff - your Retail Consulting background will stand you in good stead for consideration.


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