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Employers - 6 tips to improve your organisational culture

Author: TMS Talent

Published Date: 2018/06

Organisational culture job tips for employers

Organisational or workplace culture is a highly important aspect of any company but one that is often overlooked. With deadlines and finances taking priority often the fulfilment of your employees and the culture of the organisation take a back seat.

Big mistake! All too often we hear from job seekers complaints about poor work environments, difficult managers, low staff morale and high turnover leading to increasing work levels for the rest of the team. You don’t want to be losing your good employees that you took so long to find to other jobs in travel or hotel jobs due to poor workplace culture or worse still develop a name in the industry for having a bad workplace culture, making it difficult to attract top talent to your business.

What factors contribute to positive organisational culture? Whether you have a large or small team with some simple changes you too can improve your staff moral in a few simple steps.


First and foremost keep the communication open. Check in with your team individually on a regular basis. Ask for feedback – good or bad – constructive criticism can only benefit your organisation as a whole. Keep an open door policy where your staff feel they can approach you (or a team leader) with concerns or ideas about the business.

Praise/ Recognition

Even if you have the best job on the planet, it is always nice to hear you are doing a good job or that your hard work is appreciated and has not gone unnoticed. Compliment your team give credit where credit is due. Positive reinforcement goes a long way and is a great way to improve company culture!

Team work

To create a harmonious office environment it is important that the team support and help each other and that tasks are distributed evenly. In a competitive environment this can sometimes be difficult to achieve. Take a look at the structure of your organisation, is it conducive to creating team cohesion?


Let’s face it, everyone loves a reward for a job well done! Think about implementing an incentive program to reward high achievers or a job well done.

A reward doesn’t have to be of monetary value, and usually work better when tailored to the individual. Not everyone’s needs are the same. Some want more money, some want more time here are some simple ideas that you can implement into your organisation to make it a more enjoyable place to work:

  • An early mark on a Friday afternoon
  • Incentive points towards a holiday or short break
  • A movie or shopping voucher
  • Shout them a lunch
  • An extra weeks leave
  • Flexibility to work from home on occasion
  • Hire a masseuse to come to your office for a few hours to give the team a 10 minute shoulder massage at their desk!
  • Implement a bonus system
  • Employee of the month award

Internal processes/ environment

Take a look at your internal processes, a few simple changes can go a long way to improving your culture;

  • Do your job specs need a refresh?
  • Could your procedures do with an update?
  • Are there tasks that could be better managed or delegated?
  • Is your technology up-to-date enabling maximum efficiency?
  • Are the aesthetics of your office conducive to a positive work environment?
  • Are your salaries in line with the industry average?  
  • Is there opportunity for growth and career development?


Whilst the primary objective of any employee is to get the work done, creating an element of fun in the office goes a long way to improving organisational culture. You want your staff to enjoy coming to work each day. Here are some suggestions to increase the appeal of your work environment;

  • Can you fit a table tennis table or foosball in your lunch room?
  • Melbourne cup lunch
  • Monthly team lunch or drinks
  • Share a funny joke of the week
  • Decorate your work stations
  • A lunch time sports tournament
  • Shout the team a chocolate bar
  • An office yoga class
  • Pizza Fridays
  • Success bell or horn
  • Celebrate team Birthdays with a cake
  • Yearly conference
  • Arrange a team building event
  • Volunteer as a group to help a charity
  • Change the office music – each team member can be DJ for the day!

What sort of work culture does your organisation have as seen from the employees’ perspective? Is it time to review and change your people management approach?


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