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How to get your job offer accepted EVERY TIME

Author: Kristi Gomm

Published Date: 2018/06


Are you sick of spending hours interviewing only to find that the perfect candidate turns down your job offer? Sound familiar?

Handling the unpredictable nature of people can be a challenging task in itself, throw in a salary, benefits, career growth, company culture and the competition - and you have yourself a minefield!

There can be many reasons why a job offer is not accepted. However, a few simple tips can put you back in control of the interview process and eliminate rejected job offers;


Ask questions - ensure the potential employee has a clear understanding of the position and address any points of concern before they leave the interview.

Ask the candidate are they interviewing for other positions and where your position ranks in their preferences for other travel and tourism career opportunities or jobs in hospitality they may be pursuing. This way you will not be blindsided by your competition & you may be able to adapt the role or package to increase your chances of securing your ideal candidate.

Uncover the prime reason for their interest in your role – ensure your offer meets their agenda. If they are seeking a better salary – don’t present an offer lower than their expectations. If it is career growth they are seeking – be clear about the opportunities on offer within your business.

Clearly define the interview process & timeframe that you will follow in making your decision. i.e. Will there be 2nd interviews taking place? What will they involve? Who will be present? When do you anticipate you will be making a hiring decision?


A candidates’ level of interest in a job deteriorates over time. The longer you take to make a decision, the more likely a candidate will be to look elsewhere, attend other interviews and lose respect for your brand. Act swiftly!

Delivery of the offer

The official job offer should initially be presented verbally either directly or through your recruiter. This will give you a chance to asses their level of interest by the enthusiasm in their voice. Verbally clarify or address any initial concerns and amend before sending out an official offer in writing.

Try to gain an initial response at the time of delivery – “How do you feel about this offer?” “What are your initial thoughts?” This will ensure you have eliminated any concerns before you put the offer in writing.

Next an official offer needs to be sent in writing soon after your phone call. This offer should outline the package thoroughly – salary, job title, start date, conditions of employment etc. It is advisable to additionally clarify bonus schemes, incentive models, car allowances and any additional terms that have been discussed.

An employee will not usually resign without a Letter of Offer or Contract of Employment to secure their new position.

Ideally you want to create a level of excitement about the opportunity to work for your business.


Ensure the offer is in the ball park of what has discussed or advertised and other travel industry jobs or jobs in hotels. Your new recruit should feel excited about joining your organisation, not short changed before they even arrive. Keep in mind that no one wants to leave their job for the same or worse still a lower renumeration; employees like to feel they are progressing in their career. Be prepared to negotiate – experienced talent is hard to come by!

Keep in touch!

The hard work is not over yet! Keep in touch with your new employee. Guide them through the resignation process. Prepare them for a counter offer by their current employer – remind them of the reasons they were looking for a new role. Statistics show that 85% of people who accept a counter offer will in fact end up leaving within the next year. Encourage them that they are making the right decision for their career growth.

Remind your new recruit of the benefits of working for your organisation, highlight work life balance, flexibility, incentives, training and career growth etc.


A few simple steps and your job offer should be accepted every time! 


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Author Kristi Gomm