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What training do Travel & Hospitality employees want?

Author: TMS Talent

Published Date: 2018/06


We asked the question and here is the response.......................

The results;

The results were tight, but according to our TMS Talent's recent survey of registered candidates, in equal first place, employees want more access to training on Leadership and Overall Industry knowledge, closely followed by GDS Systems training, Financials and Industry product knowledge.

The NNS (National Salary Survey) recently reported that 42.2% of organisations do not have a formal training policy in place and training budgets have been reduced by 15% in 3 years. So as an industry it is important that we lead the way in reversing these results and invest in training and education of our work force. 

How do we interpret these results?

With Leadership training & Overall Knowledge of the Industry being requested as the number one area for improvement from our candidates this could be an indication that more people are looking to Travel & Hospitality as a career. With the nature of travel and how we purchase our travel changing over recent years, new job positions are being created and industry sectors are growing, opening new opportunities for jobs in travel and hotel jobs as well as event jobs and creating diversity in career paths for industry employees.

What can we do to make this happen?

The NNS reported that 79.3% 4 out of 5 Australian employees leave their organisation to look for a new challenge elsewhere.  

Here are our suggestions for the top 2 areas where employees felt they would like more training, let's work together to ensure we hold onto our most valuable asset - our employees!

Leadership training

There are lots of ways that a business can increase their employees access to leadership growth. Firstly let’s remember that not everyone will make a good leader. Leadership is essentially about your ability to empower others.

As a starting point you could place your potential leader in charge of a project or training session then progress them to supervision of a small team or an area of the business to see how they interact with others in a leadership capacity. If things are going well some formal training would be your next step.

There are a number of Leadership courses of varying length to improve your travel industry careers available;

TIME – (Travel Industry Mentor Experience) Created specifically for the Travel Industry is a program that helps ambitious, aspiring leaders of the Travel, Tourism, Hospitality and Aviation industry accelerate their careers through mentoring. TIME also offer a small number of scholarships every year for the Mentor program for aspiring leaders that may otherwise be fortunate enough to attend. Applications are now open for the September 5th Scholarship program 2018

Other options that have been recommended by our clients including Penny Spencer are;

Auridian Training – Meg Salter has a great array of leadership workshops

AltusQ –

AIM – Australian Institute of Management

Growth Faculty

Overall Industry knowledge

This is a relatively easy area to improve upon. Both the travel industry and the hospitality industry have a number of industry trade publications that are packed with industry information to expand their knowledge;

Travel Industry

Travel Daily – The oldest and the most relied upon information publication source in the travel industry.  You can subscribe to their daily PDF that is delivered right to your inbox Or visit their website at or follow them on Social Media.

KarryOn – Offers a daily online publication with a more informal slant on their news delivery. They also have multiple sections where you can gain information on products, technology, leadership tips and more. KarryOn Offers a free subscription at or follow them on Social Media.

Travel Weekly - Travel Weekly offer a printed business magazine and online information newsletter service for the travel industry. It provides news, analysis and destination articles for travel agents, tour operators and tourism employee. They too have a free subscription at or follow them on Social Media.

Traveltalk Mag – Both a glossy print magazine and daily online newsletter, your source for the latest travel industry news, destinations, competitions, roadshows and events. Subscribe today

Hospitality Industry

Hospitality Magazine - Established in 1967, Hospitality magazine is the longest standing and most comprehensive business-to-business title in Australia’s foodservice industry. Targeting chefs, restaurateurs, caterers and other professionals in the sector. Subscribe here

Restaurant & Catering Magazine - Leading online lender to small business. Subscribe here

Spice Magazine/ SpiceNews - Has a glossy publication and an online edition SpiceNews, is a free bi-weekly newsletter for the events industry that curates everything new, inspiring and relevant in hotel and venue openings and refurbishments, special events, event suppliers and services, destinations, airlines, as well as the meetings, incentives, conference and exhibition sectors. Free subscriptions


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* Statistics taken from candidates interviewed by TMS Talent in 2018