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Pay Rise Alternatives

Author: TMS Talent

Published Date: 2018/07


Do you feel you deserve a pay rise, but your company is not in a position to offer one? If you have been achieving all your targets and feel you make a valuable contribution to the business as a whole, then rather than moving on, try approaching your employer with some other non-monetary suggestions before making any drastic exists and trying to find new jobs in travel or event jobs or hotel jobs!

Here are some ideas your company may be able to arrange if they are not able to offer you a pay rise in the near future;

Additional leave

An extra week of leave is a great substitute for a pay rise – allowing more time to spend with your loved ones. 

Reduced hours

A 9-day fortnight or half a day off once a week (or fortnight) – this is particularly popular for parents with children to enable them to attend school functions etc.

Contribution to bills

A contribution towards a mobile or internet connection that can often be written off as work-related expenses.

Further study or education payments

A contribution towards a course or degree that relates to the role you are doing.

Contribution to a health plan

Employers can make contribution towards your health insurance or gym membership.


A bonus payment if you reach or exceed a certain target in the office.


Ask your employer if you can spend time learning a new skill one day a week to improve your chances of progressing in your career thus increasing your salary in the process.

Discounted travel

One of the perks of working in travel jobs is your employer may be able to provide you with a yearly trip subsidised or partly subsidised by the business or flights towards a holiday you have planned. Or they may be able to pay for some accommodation on a trip you may be embarking on in exchange for a client or supplier visit in that country! Jobs in hospitality and jobs in hotels employers may also be able to consider discounted travel as a salary alternative. 


If you present your case with well researched ideas and figures to back up your achievements and contributions to the business, you will have a better chance of negotiating an alternative to a pay rise.  You never know, your employer may welcome the opportunity to reward your hard work.

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