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Ed Hewitt – Promoted to State Manager NSW - Ed's Journey

Author: TMS Talent

Published Date: 2018/08


Ed’s Journey

Ed joined the TMS Talent brand in 2015 as a Recruitment Consultant and quickly progressed to Team Leader within the following 2 years. Ed’s promotion to State Manager NSW coincides with the rapidly expanding brand recently acquiring inPlace Recruitment in Sydney, New Frontiers in the UK and Top Dog in New Zealand. Ed will now lead the NSW team through this major growth period alongside John Terry MD at TMS Talent Head Office in Sydney.

Where it all began…

“I started my travel industry career in England with the Flight Centre niche brand Round the World Experts in 2009. I was promoted to Manager of the Oxford St store in under a year.” Ed recalls.  Being the focused and highly successful sales professional Ed is, when he left the company he was the No.1 selling Travel Agent and Manager of the top selling team within Round the World Experts UK.

After selling Australia as a holiday destination for 3 years he came to Australia in 2012 on a Working Holiday Visa.  He was quickly snapped up by Student Flights in Brisbane and broke the store personal best sales record in under 6 months.

Transition to recruitment…..

“After leaving Australia in 2013 I returned home to the UK and rejoined Flight Centre. After another successful stint as Team Leader I felt I was ready for the next step in my career.” A chance meeting with the TMS Talent Co-owner Steve Hamblin in Thailand presented the next fantastic opportunity that would open many doors for Ed and move him back to Australia. The similarities of recruitment and travel sales combined with Ed’s focus and determination made Ed the perfect candidate for a recruitment consultant position within an industry he knew so well.

Similarities of Recruitment vs Travel Consulting/ Sales ….

“As a travel consultant you are engaging with people & designing their dream holidays. As a recruiter your main commodity is people and their dream careers. Being good at dealing with people is vital. In both roles you are managing people’s expectations”. Ed explains.

Ed goes on to comment “Both roles are highly sales focused. As a recruiter you are effectively promoting people to your clients to fill their roles with the specifications they provide. As a travel consultant you promote holiday packages to your customers to fit the needs of their trip”

“Both positions are extremely rewarding. Being able to help people find their dream job and move throughout their career is always a great feeling. As was booking the holiday of a lifetime for your customers as a Travel Consultant.” Ed recalls with fond memories.

“As with travel consulting, in recruitment, the harder you work the greater the rewards when it comes to commission and your salary package.  The transition to recruitment has changed my life.” Says Ed.

Recruitment, it’s benefits & challenges…..

“Recruitment is not for everyone. The unpredictable nature of people makes my job challenging at times. Often impressive candidates/job seekers have multiple positions on the go, so managing these expectations and where the roles I have presented fit into their preference list is a constant juggle. Not to mention the anxious clients on the other end awaiting acceptance of their job offer. However, the role is highly rewarding when you find your candidate that perfect job and your client the ideal employee.

On a positive note, your day is always full of variety. One minute you might be out visiting a client or interviewing a job seeker, the next you could be tendering for a global contract with a big corporate travel brand. Your time is your own. I love that at TMS Talent I am responsible for my own workload and make my own decisions. 

The first 6 months certainly presents many challenges as does any new position. Initially a large part of the role is business development and cold calling to find new clients and jobs seekers but once you establish your portfolio it becomes more about relationship building and finding solutions for your clients and candidates.

A huge benefit for me has been financially. The salaries and commission in recruitment are substantial when you put the effort in. In my second year at TMS as a Recruiter, I was able to fund my own trip to Bora Bora which was fantastic - compared to waiting for a famil opportunity when I was a travel consultant.” Ed comments.

The Benefits of Working for TMS Talent…..

Ed summarises “I love working for TMS Talent. Being a larger recruitment brand with a global presence, the career opportunities are endless. John Terry my MD is ambitions and driven not dissimilar to myself. He is extremely supportive of my career growth and has presented me with many opportunities since I started 3 years ago.

The team at TMS are all encouraging and genuinely celebrates each other’s success. We are social and have team lunches, yearly conferences, quarterly celebrations, attend industry functions and awards nights like NTIA.

The commission structure is fair and achievable and uncapped! Allowing substantial rewards reflective of our individual contributions.”


“I am looking forward to the next stage of my career within recruitment, to build the TMS Talent brand and develop the head office here in Sydney. My focus now is to invest in the next generation of recruitment consultants , helping them achieve their goals and reach their full career potential.”


If you think you could be suited to a career in recruitment at TMS Talent within travel & hospitality, then TMS Talent today.