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How to excel as an Account Manager in the Travel, Tourism, Event or Hospitality industry

Author: TMS Talent

Published Date: 2018/08


Account managers are an important part of any travel, tourism, event or hospitality business. They are the direct link to a businesses clients and interact with them on a daily basis. A high level of responsibility comes with the role of any Account Manager.

The role of an account manager

Responsible for communicating closely with a company's clients, an account manager may carry a varied portfolio or work with one client at a time. They are responsible for either identifying or managing the needs of the client and developing the best strategy for the company to meet these needs. Like many hospitality, tourism or travel industry jobs, particular personality traits, attitudes and experiences are considered extremely helpful, important and even vital to do really well in this role.

What does it take to do well as an account manager in these niche sectors?

The more boxes you tick, the more likely you are to excel as an Account Manager:

  • Able to take responsibility for your personal workload
  • Self-confident yet approachable
  • Able to identify and appropriately manage client expectations
  • Display an in-depth understanding of customer service
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • A good listener
  • Knowledgeable & experience with the topic they are working with, such as corporate travel fares & company spend
  • Confident to liaise with the internal team's sales and support staff to ensure expectations are being met & procedures are being followed
  • Able to identify potential new clients
  • Trade show experience
  • Proven rapport building skills
  • Network of industry contacts
  • The ability to travel as required
  • Enthusiasm & positivity coupled with professionalism
  • Willing to contribute ideas
  • Successful at growing a business and encouraging long-term relationships
  • Ability to handle a budget
  • Strong administration skills
  • Excellent planning and time management skills
  • Excellent attention to detail & the ability to analyise reports
  • The ability to work under pressure
  • The maturity to take the initiative as required
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills across all mediums

Breaking into the field

Those interested in looking for Account Management jobs in the travel industry should not be deterred by having no direct experience. In the travel industry an experienced consultant, sales exec or team leader will have gained suitable experience to transfer over to an Account Management role. Within Events & Hospitality, experience in the sales department as a co-ordinator, executive or BDM will also be a good fit for progressing into an Account Management role.

With suitable experience, passion and the drive, the role of an account manager offers a great deal of job satisfaction, with a variety of tasks, lucrative rewards and a well-defined career path.

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