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15 Fantastic Travel Industry Careers

Author: TMS Talent

Published Date: 2018/10


Working in the Travel & Tourism industry is often seen as a glamorous and care free career where you are jet-setting off to some exotic destination every weekend. A partial truth - in reality, travel industry careers can be quite different. Loving to travel and selling travel are two completely different things.  

The majority of travel jobs involve selling travel to other people often with large sales targets to meet - so you need to be truly passionate about travel and take the good with the bad. On the flip side however, you will be an integral part of making someone’s dream come true; whether it be planning their overseas trip of a lifetime, arranging their honeymoon or coordinating a large corporate event. You will be working with outgoing, likeminded people and selling exciting products and destinations – a far cry from selling staplers or plumbing supplies to corporate businesses! AND the best part about working in the Travel Industry are the free trips and discounted travel that are often included in your package!

So, if you are truly passionate about helping people find that ultimate travel experience and learning about all the fascinating things to see and do on this amazing planet, then a travel career might well be for you!  

Here are some suggestions to incorporate your love of travel into a travel industry career;

1. Travel Agent/ Consultant – or specialist

2. Photographer

3. Product Manager in a travel company

4. Flight Attendant

5. Sales Representative for a travel product or destination

6. Tour Guide

7. Travel Blogger

8. Pilot – helicopter or plane

9. Excursions Coordinator on a cruise ship

10. Event Manager

11. Travel college teacher or tourism lecturer

12. Work on a tropical island or ski resort as an Activities Coordinator or in Guest Services

13. Marketing Manager for a travel product or destination

14. Tourism board Brand & Content Coordinator

15. TV – as a travel host or guide on a travel show

It is often said that the most rewarding and fulfilling jobs are those where you are helping others.

Love what you do and you will never work a day in your life! – Confucius


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