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How to Succeed at Job Interviews when Applying for Travel Jobs in Australia

Author: TMS Talent

Published Date: 2018/10


The travel industry in Australia is booming, with a huge number of tourism jobs and travel jobs on the Gold Coast, in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth. Demand is high and competition is tough, so how can you really crack the interview and enjoy a new and exciting travel job? Read on for our top interview tips;

Be a people person

The majority of travel jobs and jobs in hospitality are public facing, including; travel agents, sales executives, hotel reception staff, tour operators, travel guides and venue managers. As a result, employers are looking for someone with confidence who can talk to anyone and everyone with ease and comfort. This is something you can demonstrate easily in an interview. Always remember eye contact, look interested in what the interviewers are saying, answer questions in full, and remember to smile. Also remember that there is a fine line between coming across as confident and self-assured and acting as if you already have the job in the bag. Job interviews are successful for those who come across as both humble and confident.

Be honest

Answer their questions with honesty and integrity. Don't bad mouth your past employer, make constructive comments. Most future employers will reference check you, so it is best to be truthful in your explanations as they will be speaking to your past reports. Some employers may be looking for short term assignments, while others may want someone who will stick around for a few years and progress to a management role. Be honest about your intentions. It is better for everyone if you all know where you stand. 

Ask questions

Asking questions about the role shows enthusiasm and gives you an opportunity to demonstrate that you are an effective communicator. If you can't think of anything, simply ask more about the product, training or the opportunities for progression.

Research the role

Make sure you understand not only what the role entails but also about the company and the interviewer if you can do some research on LinkedIn or the internet or through contacts in the industry. Corporate travel jobs in Sydney,  will differ hugely from travel agent jobs in Melbourne or wholesale reservations jobs for example.

Be early and dress well

Make sure you look presentable and smart and are dressed according to the style of the role you are applying for. If unsure it is better to be overdressed than underdressed. Lastly, always arrive on time or slighly earlier than scheduled. A first impression is hard to change, so make yours a favourable one. 

The best way to crack that travel job interview is to be well prepared, personable, confident and honest.


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