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Kimberley Rogers - Promoted to ANZ Operations Coordinator - Kimberley's Journey

Author: TMS Talent

Published Date: 2018/11


Kim’s Journey

Kim joined the TMS Talent brand in 2014 when she originally came to TMS Talent on a Working Holiday Visa to apply for temp work with one of our clients! She was quickly snapped up by the TMS team and started in an Administration role where she assisted the team and screened potential job seekers. Recognising her talents and strong work ethic Kim was then sponsored by TMS Talent in 2015 and became a Recruitment Resourcer as well as handling the marketing, social media and administration. Her role grew to include training of staff and procedures implementation and in August 2018 she became the ANZ Operations Coordinator.

Where it all began…

Originally from the UK Kim had been to Australia many times over the years to visit family. She knew early on that Australia was where she wanted to settle down. Starting her travel career in England she worked for Marine Travel arranging the travel logistics for ship’s crew and offshore workers. She then progressed to the role of Team Leader. She then moved over to try corporate travel before moving to Australia to pursue her dream.

Transition to recruitment and a new career path…..

“When I arrived in Australia recruitment had never crossed my mind. My skills and experienced lay in travel so I started to seek work in that area, although I had already begun to feel I needed a new challenge. After starting with TMS Talent I learnt more in 1 year about the travel industry and how a business runs, than I had in all of my previous roles. I really thrived on the new opportunities that were presented to me and loved the challenge of being able to learn new things.” Kim recalls in reflection.  

Similarities of Recruitment vs Travel Consulting/ Sales ….

“Making the switch to recruitment was not a difficult one. I was used to working to KPI’s, targets and having transactional accountability from my previous travel roles. Recruitment is very similar to travel consulting as you are building relationships with people and understanding their needs. Knowing the industry terminology also helped in my transition.” Says Kim.

Recruitment, it’s benefits & challenges…..

“Recruitment certainly has its benefits and challenges. My challenge was getting to know the Australian market and how travel businesses here differ from those in the UK. I also had to adopt to working with job seekers rather than a tangible product - getting to know their characters and understanding their individual needs. The benefits however far outweighed the challenges I have faced and the skills I learnt as a recruiter as well as the opportunities and exposure I have had to business operations has been incredible.” Kim comments.

The Benefits of Working for TMS Talent…..

“I love working for TMS Talent. The team are genuine and I work in a positive environment where achievement is rewarded. At TMS the focus is on the team rather than the individual which is often the case in many recruitment agencies. I get to earn an attractive income and have a say over which career path I choose to develop. With TMS now being a global brand there are multiple opportunities available for those who wish to take their career to the next level.”  

“I really enjoy my job - every day is different! One day I could be arranging an office move, the next training new staff or improving processes across the group.”


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