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6 Career moves for a Corporate Travel Consultant

Author: TMS Talent

Published Date: 2018/12


Being a Corporate Travel Consultant will have taught you the importance of time management, efficiency and customer service, not to mention superior airfares knowledge and more than a little patience – all of which are highly sought after and transferable skills.

Having mastered the art of corporate consulting you are now left wondering what next? Here are 6 other travel industry careers to consider;

1. Events Management

An Event Travel Consultant is similar to a Corporate Travel consultant in that you are dealing with the logistics and travel arrangements of your client, however as an Event Travel Consultant you are working on a larger scale. Moving groups of varying sizes for conferences and incentives for your client. Arranging travel for the company as a whole rather than just individual members. An Event Travel Consultant is an exciting position if you like getting involved in Event planning and theming of destinations and venues etc. Usually you will arrange flights, accommodation and any pre and post touring that the employees wish to add on. In some Event companies you will also be responsible for the complete event, from theming to staging and rooming lists as well as many other aspects of the Event.

2. Account Management

Account Management jobs are generally a great next step for a Corporate Travel Consultant. Having already dealt with multiple clients in your consulting role you will have established relationships with most. An Account Manager is responsible for managing the relationship between a corporate client/customer and the business/ TMC. An Account Manager will provide statistics and feedback to the client on their spending and travel needs and suggest ways in which they can improve or benefit.

3. Business Development

As a BDM you will be promoting the benefits of using your employer to various sectors of the corporate industry and encouraging these new clients to use your employer to book their travel services for their entire company. Drawing on your previous consulting experience, you will have already learnt what is important to your clients, so moving to a Business Development Manager role could be a great transition.

4. Implementation Consultant

An Implementation Consultant is the person who is designated to a new client who performs the set-up, customisation, installation and training of a new system or online booking tool. Having previously used the software and systems as a Corporate Travel Consultant you will be familiar with how they work and their capabilities. If you are technically inclined, with solid communication skills, this could be an ideal move and open a whole new career path for you.

5. Leadership Roles

Another great career move within the Corporate Travel Sector would be into a leadership role. As a leader you need to be approachable with superior communication skills and have the ability to make strategic decisions whilst motivating your team to succeed. The best Managers often lead by example, so knowing the job of a Corporate Travel Consultant inside out will certainly make your transition into a leadership role smoother.

6. Airfares Specialist  

One of the skills you gain in Corporate Travel Consultant jobs is an in-depth knowledge of airfares and how to construct complex airfare itineraries. With these skills in mind, an easy transition would be to a Fares Specialist or into an Airfares and Ticketing Consultant role within an Airline. Here you would advise travel agents on fares & how to construct complex fare itineraries. You could also move into an Airfares Negotiator/ buyer for Corporate Travel group, Retailer or Wholesaler – negotiation the airfares & prices that each company receives to on-sell to their own customers.


So when the time comes for your next career move, speak to a TMS Talent recruitment consultant and consider these alternatives to compliment your existing skills, which will ensure a smooth transition into your next travel job!


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