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The Office Christmas Party - Do's and Don'ts

The Office Christmas Party - Do's and Don'ts

17 Dec 09:00 by TMS Talent

Champagne at the office Christmas Party

How to keep your reputation and your job but most importantly how to enjoy the Christmas end of year festivities.

The office Christmas party is a fantastic celebration and great bonding exercise with your work colleagues. A time of year where everyone comes together for a laugh, a drink (some a little more than others) a chat, a dance (some a little more exuberant than others) and even a little karaoke sing-along (for those who feel vocally blessed at the time!)

Here are our Christmas party survival guide tips;


Attend – if your able to, make an appearance at the Christmas party it builds team morale.

Wear a touch of Christmas – a Santa hat or Christmas tie are a great mood shaper for any Christmas party!

Bring a little gift for the team bring a box of chocolates or better still for the budding chefs out there, bake up some cookies for the team! - these will always go down a treat!

Compliment your colleagues - keep your conversation positive and upbeat. Compliment your colleagues on a year of successes or on their lovely new Christmas attire. Everyone loves a sincere compliment!

Try to talk to everyone – spread the love - try to engage all your colleagues in conversation in addition to those you know well.

Let others know when you are leaving – in the interest of safety, let others know when you are leaving and how you intend getting home. Subtle disappearing acts can leave your colleagues worried about your safety and interrupt festivities.



Drink too much – enjoy yourself but don’t over doing it! You want to keep your reputation intact and avoid feelings of regret the next day.

Use inappropriate language – keep it professional, the office Christmas party is not the place to let your colourful language fly.

Pick up your work colleagues – the office Christmas party has been the start of many an office romance….but also a divorce! So keep it professional and be aware of the consequences an office romance may bring. Keep in mind you have to work with these colleagues come Monday.

Talk about work excessively – a Christmas party is a time for fun and getting to know your colleagues, keep work conversations to a minimum.

Speak badly of other work colleagues – if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Gossip travels quickly!

Dress inappropriately ­Plunging necklines and incredibly short skirts are not the place for the office Christmas party. Keep it professional and in line with the culture of the company.

Sing too loudly at Karaoke – Whilst your voice may sound fantastic in your shower, you might want to save it for your ‘Australia’s got Talent’ audition or could may find yourself red faced come Monday!


Most of all remember to enjoy yourself and spread a little Christmas cheer!