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A hot job market predicted for 2019

Author: TMS Talent

Published Date: 2019/01


As we welcome in 2019, TMS Talent predicts jobs in the travel and hospitality sectors will kick off strongly as employers look to hire quality candidates to help drive business growth.

New travel technology companies from Europe and the USA are emerging as the players set to make the biggest splash in the job market during 2019. As digital disruption in the travel sector continues, we expect to see IT and technology roles across the sector in high demand.

Business Development roles have dominated the start to the year in both the Australian and New Zealand markets.  Employers are looking for staff that have solid industry experience and are prepared to offer attractive incentives to attract quality talent.

In the Travel sector, traditional travel consultants will still be the most in demand people in travel! Although Business and Corporate travel consultants will be increasingly sought after.

Corporate employers are looking for consultants with a high quality of personal service and exceptional attention to detail to manage domestic and international travel for their corporate clients. Skills that will set candidates apart in 2019 will be corporate consultants who have diverse experience with events, conferences or group travel.

We anticipate that 2019 will see the Hospitality sector continue to see movement at the senior and top management levels with more frequent opportunities arising for Venue Managers, Executive Chefs, Sales & Marketing and Finance professionals globally.

Employees on the job hunt are looking for opportunities to work with organisations who offer an inclusive, supportive and highly engaged workplace culture. While salary is important, in 2019 employers of choice are recognising that added benefits such as flexibility, work from home, training and famil opportunities will be the key to retaining existing staff and attracting new talent.

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John Terry