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NZ travel industry ‘lags behind’ with wages

Author: Belinda Peddie

Published Date: 2019/05

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It’s no secret that the New Zealand travel sector is experiencing a candidate short market at the moment. So why then when quality candidates are so hard to come by and the minimum wage is on the rise across NZ, is the travel sector still lagging behind?

Have NZ travel-sector employers just lost touch with what is being offered elsewhere? According to Belinda Peddie, from TMS Talent Auckland, an observation made, is that in Australia for example, a Travel Consultant is being paid on average $50,000 - $70,000 plus commissions / incentives. Whereas in New Zealand, employers are paying $45,000 - $65,000; no wonder our talent is drifting across the ditch.

During the GFC there were a lot of skilled travel professionals who left the industry. Since then training and development of local travel professionals has been lacking, with many employers unwilling to hire inexperienced candidates and invest in the time to train them. “In other sectors, demand and supply would dictate wages growth, but it’s just not something we are seeing all employers embrace, and it’s because of this, that they are missing out on quality candidates” says Belinda Peddie

Yes, commissions are rapidly disappearing, and travel companies are finding it tough to make the margins they used to, but employers need to realise that time is money and each day you don’t hire that right-fit candidate or invest in training, your existing team is a lost opportunity for growth.

“Your time as a business owner is valuable. Recruiting staff is just another item on your to do list. Savvy owners are outsourcing it to an expert; freeing up their time, to spend winning new business, relationship building, investing in employee engagement initiatives, training their new employees and their existing team.” Says Belinda Peddie

A recruitment professional can help you come up with a staffing solution for your business. Not sure, what a recruitment company does? They can help look at your businesses staffing needs and help advise on getting the balance right between senior and more junior employees. Inform you on market salary trends and what other employers are offering to attract top talent. They help you attract new employees, handle the interviewing and negotiation process. They even provide advice about on-boarding to ensure candidates employed are a good cultural fit with the rest of the team.  Yes, you pay a fee for their service; however, the fee is only payable once your candidate starts with you, and what you may not know, is, if that person leaves within the first 3 months, they will replace them for free.

If time is money in your business, consider the alternate view, that an investment in a small salary increase, supplemented with training, is an investment in your future business growth. For more information about NZ Salary Benchmarking please contact Belinda Peddie or Alisa Wilson from TMS Talent Auckland