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Find out what 78% of job seekers want when looking for a new job...

Author: TMS Talent

Published Date: 2019/06

Career development Career progression in travel jobs

In a recent survey of TMS Talent job seekers, 78% said they consider Career Advancement as the most important factor when looking for new jobs in travel. 

This result sends a strong message to travel employers that it’s not always salary that entices employees to look elsewhere. The opportunity to progress in their career, learn new skills and grow professionally is a key drawcard to attract new talent into travel jobs and is another way travel employers can retain their top performers.

Is career advancement part of your employee engagement strategy?

Having career development strategies in place to support the growth and development of employees greatly enhances employee job satisfaction and improves staff retention in travel jobs.

As a travel business it is extremely important to have a defined Career Development Plan in place for your employees to help attract new talent and retain existing employees.

Taking the time to create a Career Development Plan for your staff sends a strong message to employees that they are valued and their contributions to the business are being recognised.

The annual review process is a chance to open the lines of communication with employees on their training needs. The employee expands their skills and knowledge with the support of the employer, thus increasing their career potential and self-worth and in the process their productivity increases as their skills develop, benefiting the employer.

Benefits of promoting from within

Employees are a business’s greatest asset so it’s highly beneficial to invest in the internal promotion of staff in your team. Some of the benefits associated with promoting from within are:

  • Improves staff morale
  • Allows the employer to benefit from an employee’s previous knowledge and experience with the brand
  • Reduces costs associated with recruitment and training
  • Keeps productivity high
  • Improves staff retention
  • Allows other employees to subsequently progress to new roles and develop their skills within the company

If you'd like more information on career advancement strategies for your travel business, contact our team for a confidential chat.