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Are you exclusive with your recruiter?

Author: TMS Talent

Published Date: 2019/06


If you are not in an exclusive relationship with your recruiter, it could be costing you your dream job. Find out why.

Job seekers often turn to a recruiter to help them find their next role for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it’s because they have had success finding a job this way in the past. For others, using a recruitment service is a more efficient way to manage the application process when applying for a number of jobs. A recruiter gives job seekers access not only to a variety of advertised roles, but quite often to exclusive roles, not otherwise available to apply for directly.   Many job seekers simply prefer the personalised advice they receive from their recruitment consultant on what they are worth and what roles might best suit their skills.

What many job seekers’ don’t realise though is in a close knit sector like the travel industry, putting yourself or your CV “out there” with more than one recruiter, or using a recruiter and applying directly isn’t increasing your chances of landing a new role, it could actually be damaging them.

Here’s why…

According to Susan Chand, Senior Recruiter at TMS Talent “clients often receive applications from a number of different recruitment agencies who are all putting forward their best candidates for the role. If you’re not exclusive with your recruiter, you risk being put forward by multiple agencies. While this may not sound like a problem to you, the reality is that the employer is unlikely to hire you. Being represented by multiple agencies just comes across unprofessional for both you and the agency representing you”.

“There is a certain sense of desperation and lack of loyalty that comes across if clients see your CV coming in from multiple sources.” Says Susan “This makes it much harder for a recruiter to help negotiate the best package for you with the potential employer.”  

“At TMS Talent we like to personally meet our candidates face to face before we put them forward for any roles and we often ask our job seekers where else they have applied.” Susan comments.

This is so we can offer a highly personalised service by developing a relationship with you. Not too dissimilar to dating! An exclusive relationship with your recruiter will result in a deeper understanding of you and your career aspirations. Exclusivity gives the recruiter confidence that you’re not going to accept a role elsewhere, so they will invest the time and effort to explore the best roles available and pitch your CV to their clients which is the best way to find that dream role.

The best roles aren’t always advertised. If your exclusive with your recruiter, you are often top of their list when new roles are presented, putting you that step ahead of your competition.

 Our Advice

  • Choose one recruiter and stick with them - they might find you a role immediately or they might take the time to canvass their clients to create a role perfectly suited to you.
  • Loyalty is rewarded - with a better experience for you and your potential employer. Good recruiters will often help their best candidates with multiple job searches throughout their career, so the investment in building the relationship is definitely worthwhile, resulting in a more streamlined process for you in finding your next role.
  • Put yourself in the shoes of the hirer - that professional relationship you have built with your recruiter / agency speaks volumes about your loyalty as an employee and will help you present most professionally to potential employers.

Looking for a travel recruiter that will offer you the personalised service you deserve? What are you waiting for? It’s time to get in touch with Susan Chand or one of the TMS Talent team. We would love to hear from you!