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Unique Hospitality careers on the rise

Author: TMS Talent

Published Date: 2019/06

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Hospitality is an extremely diverse sector offering an extraordinary number of career opportunities in venues across the globe. Encompassing everything from Hotels, Resorts, Stadiums, Bars, Theme Parks, Restaurants, Entertainment venues, Cruise Ships and more, there is certainly no shortage of choice!

Peter Jackson, our Hospitality Recruitment expert at TMS Talent comments that “there is no better time to join the Hospitality industry, with a growing number of unique and out of the box roles and career paths to choose from. The career opportunities found in hospitality are now increasingly varied compared to those traditionally available in the industry.”  

Chef jobs for example, are taking on a new and exciting dimension with jobs like Inflight Chefs, who prepare meals for domestic and international flights, or Pastry Chefs on board Cruise ships. Job seekers now have the chance to see the world whilst pursuing a career they love!

With sporting, entertainment and large multi-faceted venues on the rise, we are seeing a whole new dimension of career opportunities available for Venue Managers, Catering Managers and Event Managers. Venues like Luna Park and ANZ Stadium or large conglomerates like Merivale, Solotel or Trippas White are paving the way for new and diverse career paths within their own corporations.

Peter comments that “in the past, job seekers may have been discouraged by a career within the hospitality industry due to the afterhours nature of the sector, however with the emergence of multiple new types of venues and entertainment establishments, new positions and career paths have been created. For example, corporate catering operations are on the rise, offering job seekers standard Monday to Friday working hours, as are high-end aged care facilities and luxury spa resorts, all employing hospitality professionals with hours that are more conducive to family life”.

If you are looking for jobs in Hospitality, then click here to take a look at some of the unique roles currently available. Can’t find what you are looking for? Get in touch with Peter Jackson, with his large network of industry contacts he will help find your perfect hospitality job!