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You have 6 seconds to get your CV noticed

Author: TMS Talent

Published Date: 2019/06

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Candidates have on average 6 – 15 seconds to get their CV noticed by a recruiter or potential employer when applying for a new role says TMS Talent’s Alisa Wilson.

“It sounds obvious, but the need to update your CV before applying for your next role is vital. We see around 80% of job seekers who apply for vacancies are not doing themselves justice and fail to put the details of their key achievements and experience up front and centre on their CV. Updating your current role, contact details and notice period are simply not enough.” Wilson exclaims.

So how do you make your CV stand out? If you are re-entering the job market or are feeling undervalued and/or underpaid, make those first 6 seconds count. The savviest job seekers:

1. Read the job ad carefully and understand the skill-set and knowledge required for the role

2. Customise their CV to address the job ad criteria for each and every application

3. Check the location of the position

4. Review the remuneration being offered is in line with their expectations

“It’s a misconception that using exactly the same CV in applying for multiple roles is saving job seekers time.  Time poor employers simply do not read further than the first page. Without a concise and compelling CV, job seekers are potentially missing out on many opportunities” says Wilson.

“If you don’t qualify, don’t send across your CV” suggests Wilson “Rather, contact your recruiter and ask them to help you find a suitable position, aligned to your skill set. A recruiter can help you tailor your CV and put you forward to potential employers”

If you are in the Travel and or Hospitality industry and you are struggling to get your CV noticed, fear interviews or are wondering why you are not nailing that dream job… Contact  for a free consultation.