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Tourism job opportunities in Australia

Author: TMS Talent

Published Date: 2019/07

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Jobs in Tourism organisations are highly sought-after positions. Often few and far between, these roles are generally sales and marketing focused and are designed to attract, showcase and sell Tourism within a specific area, region or country.

Some of the more common Tourism roles are within Tourism Boards or GSA’s (General Service Agents) who act on behalf of smaller Tourism Boards, Airlines and Tour Operators providing a full representative service to bring their products to market.

What skills do I need to work in the Tourism Sector?

As recruiters, Tourism bodies and GSA’s approach us seeking talented individuals with strong destination knowledge of specific regions or counties, coupled with sales or marketing experience to join their teams.

One highly requested skill we often see Tourism organisations ask for are foreign language skills corresponding to the region. With Tourism bodies and GSA’s snapping up bi-lingual candidates from across the travel sector.  

What types of positions are available in the Tourism sector?

Marketing PR & Communications – The Marketing department oversee the branding, market strategy, advertising campaigns, PR, social media, events and more. The role of the Marketing department is to increase brand awareness and drive Tourism in a specific region through advertising & social strategy and development of collateral for the sales & reservations team.

Sales and Business Development – The Sales department will deliver the brand message directly to the market though business development activities and strengthening relationships with suppliers, trade and consumers.

Reservations/ Fares & Ticketing – Often based in call centre environments these teams will handle bookings and enquiries for airlines & tour operators represented by GSA’s. A solid knowledge of airfare construction, ticketing and a GDS (Galileo, Amadeus, Sabre) are required for these types of Tourism jobs.

What are the benefits of working in the Tourism Sector?

Jobs in the Tourism sector certainly come with great benefits, ranging from educational tours, additional leave, discounted airfares or accommodation and some of our employers even offer a free yearly holiday!

Take a look at our current Tourism job opportunities or contact our team if the Tourism career opportunity you are searching for is not listed here.