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Travel graduates…get hired using LinkedIn!

Author: TMS Talent

Published Date: 2019/07

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As a new travel graduate knowing where to start on your travel job search can be difficult, especially when most roles require some kind of experience in travel.

Recruiters, HR Managers and Employers across the travel sector all use LinkedIn to find active job seekers. If you want to get hired it’s definitely the social platform to be on!

As a specialist travel recruitment company, we are always on the lookout for enthusiastic travel graduates ready to take the first step in their careers. Natasha Mitrevska shares her insights for travel graduates on making the most of your LinkedIn profile to ensure you get found and hired.

What are the top 3 things travel graduates need to know about LinkedIn?

1. Make sure your profile picture is businesslike and that you have included a summary, relevant skills, experience and qualifications on your profile.

2. Build your network. Connect with and follow relevant industry leaders and publications to become familiar with what’s happening in the sector. Some good publications to follow in the travel industry are: Travel Daily, Travel Weekly, KarryOn, Cruise Weekly and Travel Bulletin.

3.In Settings > Job Seeking Preferences - make sure that you update your settings to let recruiters know you’re interested in finding out about new opportunities. This makes your profile visible in recruiter searches.

Tell us how graduates can make their profiles stand out

Some of the best graduate profiles I’ve seen are ones that include:

  • A clear and concise summary in the bio section outlining the types of roles they are looking for
  • Endorsements from colleagues, educators or other connections
  • Work experience or internships  
  • Volunteer or charity work
  • They have a catchy title that includes the keyword Graduate
  • Some examples of work they have created
  • A video of themselves

One of the most memorable profiles I’ve seen on LinkedIn is from a Marketing / PR graduate that videoed herself speaking articulately about the role she was looking for and why she would be an asset to an employer.

Lots of connections in her own network had liked and shared, with the post going viral. Needless to say she had no problem in finding a job!

If you’re a recent travel graduate new to LinkedIn, take the time to get your profile right and you’re well on your way to finding your perfect role.

If you are a travel graduate that needs help finding your first travel role, contact Natasha Mitrevska