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How do travel tech start-ups get traction in the Australian market? Hire the right people.

Author: TMS Talent

Published Date: 2019/08

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Something that Ed Hewitt from TMS Talent knows all too well, having helped some of the world’s best new travel tech companies build their Australian teams prior to launch. We chat with Ed about his insights for Travel Tech companies looking to hire and grow in Australia.

How are your clients approaching hiring as they enter the Australian Market?

For Travel Tech start-ups really trying to penetrate the Australian market, be they home grown outfits or global players, their first port of call in building out their teams should be to define their strategic objectives and then look to recruit quality local Travel industry professionals.

“We have seen our Travel Tech clients approach market entry in two ways.  The most successful companies sit down with us to discuss what they are trying to achieve commercially, so we can help with advising on the types and seniority of travel industry professionals that would make the greatest impact on their business goals.”

“Other organisations have quite a clear brief on what roles they are looking to hire and just want our assistance to place those candidates as quickly and efficiently as possible.” says Ed

“Our Travel Tech clients have unique requirements; some are looking to hire entire teams, whilst others are seeking to hire that pivotal role or individual like a CEO/MD that is going to have the greatest impact on their business. It’s definitely not a one size fits all approach when it comes to hiring.” Ed exclaims.

What roles are Travel Tech companies hiring?

For Travel Tech companies focused on rapid growth and saleability, they are usually looking to hire experienced Business Development Managers (BDMs) or Marketing/Sales professionals with strong local industry networks and connections.

“The travel sector in Australia is a fairly tight knit industry.” Says Ed.

“People within the sector like to work with those they know and trust. By hiring a sales or marketing professional from within the industry, travel tech companies benefit from their existing networks of connections as well as their innate knowledge of the market.” Ed comments.

One of the most interesting roles Ed has worked on was to find a Growth Hacking Specialist for one of his clients. “Growth Hacking is a term fairly unique to the technology/start up set, and describes individuals who strategically accelerate rapid growth. Those individuals are fairly rare.” says Ed.

Other roles that are currently in demand are entry level positions. Travel tech companies are looking to hire tech savvy travel graduates or those with 1-2 years of experience that they can upskill with further training and coaching to help grow them  into future leaders within their business.

How are jobs at Travel Tech companies perceived by candidates in the travel sector?

“These companies are innovators and quite often disruptors in the broader travel market, so are usually perceived by candidates as quite attractive places to work.” Says Ed

Although a strong growth market within travel, many travel professionals have often not considered how working for a Travel Tech company has the potential to accelerate their own careers.

“It’s often our role as experienced recruiters to educate candidates on how their skills from other travel roles are directly transferrable into a Travel Tech role and the advantages to them of joining a fledgling business primed for growth.”

TMS Talent’s prior experience in IT recruitment provides a unique perspective to Travel industry talent on what employers are looking for in candidates and conversely what candidates need to do to be successful in a Travel Tech role.

“Travel Tech companies offer attractive salaries to candidates with the right experience, as well as many other benefits including the chance to travel internationally to their overseas headquarters for training.” Ed comments.

On the flip side, says Ed “Travel industry professionals, are highly knowledgeable about how Travel Tech companies need to engage with their target markets, in order to help to unlock those all-important doors to new clients. Those in the industry understand the pain points and how the tech solution will help resolve these, making them natural advocates for the Travel Tech employer’s brand.”

What are your top tips for Travel Tech companies looking to attract top local talent?

Regardless of how awesome your piece of new technology is, whether it’s targeted at hotels, agents, corporates, bookings or customer service, having the right people beside you who are equally as passionate about the solution you’re taking to market as you are, will ultimately play a huge part in helping to build momentum in the market.

Australia is a land of opportunity for Travel Tech entrants and the market is primed for growth, as many Travel companies (particularly in the Corporate Travel arena) look to differentiate themselves and gain a competitive advantage through embracing digital solutions.

As a start-up entering this market, you probably can’t afford to get it wrong. So using a reputable and specialist agency like TMS Talent to advise on your hiring strategy is a must.

If you’re a Travel Tech start up and need advice on a tailored staffing solution for your business, either in Australia or overseas. Please reach out and contact Ed +61 2 9231 6444 for a confidential chat.