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Multilingual speakers front runners for Travel jobs

Author: TMS Talent

Published Date: 2019/08

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Speaking a second language is a highly sought after skill within the travel sector, with many travel employers seeking native language speakers to connect with their customers in both local and international markets.

“Having a second language is one of the top skills that can help you land your dream travel job” says Giulia Giovagnoli from TMS Talent.

Foreign language skills are particularly sought after for roles in the Wholesale and Inbound sectors where travel consultants, ticketing, business development, marketing and product roles regularly seek bi-lingual employees to add depth and skills to their teams.

“Having a second language is particularly useful when dealing directly with clients and vendors in overseas markets, in translating materials, or just providing a friendly local voice to travellers coming from abroad” says Giulia

“As a bi-lingual Italian speaker myself, I found in my own travel career that it was an extremely important asset when I was working in a wholesale role liaising on European destinations.” Giulia comments

Some languages TMS Talent regularly sees demand for in travel are:

  • French - French speakers are not just in demand for European travel roles but also for travel roles liaising with Africa, Canada and the Polynesian islands.
  • Spanish – Spanish is just in front of English in terms of the number of native speakers globally, making it a valuable language to have in travel.
  • Italian – Italy is one of the world’s most desirable holiday destinations. Italian speakers are frequently sought after for specialist European travel roles.
  • Greek – Similar to Italy, Greece is one of Europe’s most popular destinations and we regularly see travel roles where speaking Greek is a definite advantage.
  • Chinese (Mandarin/Cantonese) – The world’s most natively spoken language and currently the most powerful outbound tourist market; bi-lingual Chinese speakers are in high demand across all areas of travel globally.
  • Japanese – As one of the fastest growing travel destinations, Japan’s rise in popularity & influx of tourists has also seen increased demand for Japanese speakers within the travel sector.

If you have a second language, consider a job in travel for your next career move. Travel jobs are a great way to utilize your language skills and offer a range of attractive benefits.

If you’re already in travel and aren’t putting your language skills to good use, please get in touch with Giulia Giovagnoli or one of the TMS Talent team to discuss available roles we have across a range of leading travel employers.