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Pivot your Travel Career

Author: TMS Talent

Published Date: 2019/10

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Love working in travel, but not feeling challenged or excited in your current role and dreaming of a change?

Wondering how your skills might be transferrable into another role but not sure where to start? It’s time for you to consider a career pivot! says Alisa Wilson from TMS Talent Auckland.

“Some of the most common career moves involve moving from Retail into specialist roles in Wholesale or Inbound. Many consultants simply just don’t know how to go about positioning themselves for their next role or are too afraid to make a move”. Alisa explains.

A perfect way to progress in your career and attract a higher salary is to hone your skills as a destination or location specialist. Travelled extensively to a particular region? (E.g. Africa, Scandinavia or South America) or have you sold lots of Cruise or Adventure holidays? Then a travel career pivot could be just what you need to further your travel career.

 “Often all that is needed is a tweak to your CV to showcase your relevant travel or experience to secure that dream role”. Says Alisa

A travel recruitment consultant can help you with getting your CV in order, as well as identifying potential opportunities that are available. Many of the best travel jobs are often not advertised, but are filled quickly by travel recruiters with job seekers who are on their books and ready to move.

Would you like to chat about pivoting your travel career and are located in New Zealand? Please reach out to Alisa Wilson from our Auckland office a confidential discussion.

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