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NSW Travel Employment Market Update

Author: Ed Hewitt

Published Date: 2020/01

Travel Recruitment | Hospitality Recruitment | TMS Talent team

Ed Hewitt, State Manager NSW & QLD shares with us his insights on what’s trending now in the NSW Travel Employment Market.

In the NSW Market, the highest salaries across the travel landscape are within travel technology companies, which are emerging as a rapidly growing sector. Cruise consultant salaries are rising and there has been a moderate increase across the retail, corporate and wholesale sectors.

Travel employers can differentiate their offering by highlighting their commission / incentive structures. Ultimately the fastest filled roles in NSW all offer salaries beginning with a six. The majority of travel consultants are looking for a $60K + role and in a candidate short market this is achievable, with some employers happy to offer this to job seekers with as little as two years’ experience.

The movement of millennials and how to engage them to encourage longevity is still a topical issue facing many travel employers. The perception is that millennials switch frequently; the truth is that they are finding roles paying what they are asking for. Employers offering salaries at the lower end of the market need to provide development plans & opportunity for progression long term upfront if they want to secure the best people.

Finally, travel employers need to adapt their approach to new working trends in order to attract and retain the best talent. It is absolutely necessary to embrace flexible working policies and exemplify these from the top down and at all levels within the business. If you don’t, your competitors are!

Want to know more? Why not get in touch with Ed or Click Here to download the full version of the TMS Talent Travel Salary Guide 2019.