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Travel Trends: Sustainability…more needs to be done.

Author: John Terry

Published Date: 2020/01

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Sustainability, sustainable tourism and sustainable travel are thrown around like buzz words across the travel and tourism sector at the moment. Like most others in our sector, this is a cause I am pretty passionate about.

Wanting to protect our natural wonders, environment, animals and resources for future generations to enjoy is fundamental for our industry to continue to thrive globally.

I was recently privileged to be a judge of The Travel Awards 2019, held by Travel Weekly. One of the categories I was asked to judge was Sustainable Tourism Company of the Year.

As I sat down to read the submissions, I was highly anticipating reading about the new and innovative ways businesses across Travel & Tourism are embracing as they adopt a more sustainable philosophy. Personally I learnt a great deal about what it takes to create a sustainable business that has real, successful and meaningful outcomes.

What hit home to me while reading the submissions is that while lots of companies are embracing more sustainable practices, not all initiatives are equal!

For travel & tourism businesses to be truly sustainable there is a long road ahead and more needs to be done to have lasting impacts.

Yes, we are all trying to do our bit by carbon offsetting travel, choosing bio-degradable/environmentally friendly options, protecting animals or minimising environmental impact on local communities which all helps.

Corporates undertaking sustainability initiatives need to ensure they are designed to have real and lasting impacts rather than just being mere tokens.

Let’s learn from those leading the way so we can all do more. Fiji’s Nanuku Auberge Resort has won both:

  • Sustainable Tourism Company of the Year 2019 (The Travel Awards, Travel Weekly)
  • Best sustainable travel or tourism initiative – Land, land-based supplier or hotel/resort (Travel & Tourism Sustainability Awards, Travel Daily)


Fiji’s Nanuku Auberge Resort operates a program called “Planet Auberge” reflecting a commitment to leadership in conservation, social and sustainable tourism. The comprehensive program has seen almost 9,000 mangrove trees planted, work on the maintenance of wildlife populations, the replacement of resort carts with bicycles, an on-site rice paddy, vegetable gardens and beehives, replacement of plastics and on-site waste treatment. The resort operates a host of community outreach programs and employs almost all local Fijian residents, with the overall strategy demonstrating a commitment to sustainable luxury to allow future generations to experience the same Fiji as visitors enjoy now. **

As a recruitment business, TMS Talent is determined to help match passionate job seekers with the best sustainable travel and tourism employers. We applaud those who are doing their bit to be more environmentally conscious and encourage those thinking about it, that the best time to start is now. We can all do more to help travel and tourism be more responsible in caring for our environments future.

TMS Talent is a passionate supporter of sustainable travel and tourism. We work with a range of leading travel employers. If you’re looking for a career change and want to talk about careers in sustainable travel & tourism please get in touch with one of our team.