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Charting a new course – 5mins with Patrick

Author: TMS Talent

Published Date: 2020/08


Having recently joined TMS Talent as ANZ Sales Director, Patrick Flaherty shares his insights on the current state of the job market and emerging future trends.

 Q. Tell us your thoughts on the current job market landscape in ANZ? 

Let's face it, the reality is that the travel and hospitality job markets are essentially sitting at the airport lounge, having a beer waiting for things to take off again. Jobs across the sector are few and far between. Over the past few months we have met with lots of exceptional individuals who have been stood down, all waiting for their next role or a chance to do something new. 

There are positive signs with some hospitality jobs re-emerging as businesses get back to it. In the travel space we see a lot of our clients looking to re-invent themselves, taking this time to think strategically about how they go to market including ramping up their digital capabilities and how they utilze technology to streamline their business.  

Q. How do you think the Travel and Hospitality markets will change as they reemerge? 

We are positive that when Travel & Hospitality markets reemerge (and they will), they will do so with gusto! Those businesses that do survive 2020 will come out the other side much more efficient, digitally enabled and with a clear strategic vision. To weather the storm, our clients are holding onto their best people and making strategic hires to inject new capabilities now.  I think we will see travel businesses become more digitally enabled and a resurgence of the cutting-edge travel tech businesses that were growing and thriving in 2019. Marketing, Sales and Account management roles will again begin to emerge attracting top salaries, as businesses reinvest to hire the best people to take their refreshed brands to market. There will still be markets doing it tough, Cruise for instance may take longer to recover.  Across all segments new roles for WHS and Covid compliance have already started to become the new normal.  

Q. What is TMS Talent doing to prepare for the future? 

At TMS Talent we are reinventing ourselves. While we still remain proudly and firmly here for the travel and hospitality sectors, as we have been for the past 25 years. As a business, we too have had to evolve. A key strategic objective for us is to pivot and up our digital and technology hiring capabilities to help our clients get ready for the next phase. With the addition of the Scout team, we have managed to up-skill a portion of the TMS Talent team on how to hire the best digital and tech talent. We are pivoting the way we do business to help our clients and job seekers do the same. While roles in travel are sparse, we have successfully managed to place travel marketing, business development and account managers into new roles in other sectors. Agency land is loving the fresh talent pool we can now provide them and it's giving many from the travel space renewed optimism that they can do something new and their skills are directly transferrable, while they wait for travel to come back from vacation.  

Q. Best advice for job seekers looking to pivot in their careers? 

Don’t sit there waiting and wondering! The rules have certainly changed. Future-proofing your career takes more than a signed contract and a few online courses now. You need a plan and purpose and the right advice to get there. Give us a call and have a chat about your skills. Our team are experts at uncovering those hidden talents you have hiding there for a completely new role.   

  • Take initiative and don't wait for direction  
  • Embrace change and go with it. Go learn.  
  • Stay healthy mentally and physically where possible.  
  • Accept that it's ok to be rejected. Just don't give up.  
  • Network (use our help to do so). 

Q. If you had a crystal ball what do you think lies ahead? 

Ideally I've won the lottery and I'm not too concerned about my career...  

All jokes aside, I don’t think anyone has the answers for what lies ahead. I don't think we need to overthink it either. It's good to have a plan but we are in uncharted waters. I think the best thing any business owner can do is prepare their business to be a nimble or agile as possible so they are ready to move when opportunity presents itself. For job seekers the same. Be open to new ideas and opportunities to reinvent yourself and evolve. The future will look very different that’s for sure, but what’s not to say it won't be 100% better.