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Introducing TMS Technology

Author: TMS Talent

Published Date: 2020/10


As TMS Talent continues to evolve we are pleased to announce the establishment of TMS Technology welcoming three new team members Samuel Sutcliffe, Joshua Renham and Jacob Mulry. 

“The establishment of TMS Technology within the TMS Talent portfolio is a conscious extension and evolution of our core business.” says TMS Talent Managing Director John Terry 

The TMS Talent team are thrilled to welcome the TMS Technology team onboard and are looking forward to this next chapter in TMS Talent’s 26-year journey. 
“While we remain firmly and proudly behind the travel and hospitality sectors, our business is evolving. A key strategic objective for us was to grow our digital and technology capabilities, pivoting our expertise to help our clients and job seekers do the same across the UK and Europe.” says John

TMS Technology Director Samuel Sutcliffe explains “We are excited to join the TMS Talent group in the newly formed TMS Technology division.  Our team has over 20 years’ experience in Technology recruitment across Europe and has a deep understanding of our clients technology, tools and platforms. This enables us to source and engage with the very best tech talent globally.”

“Having spent many years in different international markets, we also understand the cultural differences and how we must adapt our approach and style to suit the environment we are operating in. TMS Technology brings a balance of knowledge, understanding, patience, advice, experience and energy to the market and can guarantee success!” Samuel comments

Chairman, Steve Hamblin adds “With our vision firmly on the future growth of the business, the establishment of TMS Technology is the perfect way to continue to add to our digital and technology capabilities in the European market, following on from the acquisition of digital and technology specialist Scout Talent in the ANZ region earlier this year.”

Exciting times ahead for us as a company and we wish Samuel, Jacob and Joshua in the TMS Technology team every success. 

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