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Returning to work flexibly - The new normal!

Author: TMS Talent

Published Date: 2020/11


Up until 2020, as a parent returning to work after the birth of your child, there was always a slight stigma attached to asking for greater workplace flexibility. Not all companies offered the ability to work from home and even at those that did, the concept was often still not embraced wholeheartedly.

Usher in 2020 and now just about everyone’s doing it in some shape or form!

For working parents, this move to the new normal where zoom meetings are a daily occurrence and the office is no longer somewhere where everyone must be 9am to 5pm is a welcome change.

Sure, many have had it tough home-schooling kids, troubleshooting our own computer issues and missing the social interaction with our work colleagues, but what it has meant is the ability to be present in the lives of our children like never before. Not having to give up your career to take on parental responsibilities.

Not just for women either. It’s refreshing to see fathers be able to work more flexibly during 2020 to share the parental load. Enhancing their appreciation for what their partners go through juggling children and their career workload.

It has almost certainly made more of corporate Australia realise that it is possible to be productive outside the confines of the office and that there are plenty of benefits of a flexible and nimbler workforce.

So, thank you 2020! You might have just made working from home and workplace flexibility the new normal, helping every new parent out there breathe a sigh of relief that they now don’t have to rush back into the office full time. They can enjoy raising their children whilst still maintaining and furthering their career.

Let’s hope this trend continues and that the evolution of work is positive and inclusive for all.  Our kids will look back one day and thank you 2020 for being truly revolutionary.

If you’re looking for a more flexible and family friendly role, get in touch with us to chat about some leading employers looking to hire.