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Fireside Chat with Tony Yerasimou

Author: TMS Talent

Published Date: 2020/12

Tony Yerasimou Head of Sales and Leisure Recruitment UK

We catch up with Tony Yerasimou our Head of Sales and Leisure Recruitment to find out what’s happening in the UK job market right now.

Q. Tell us your thoughts on the current job market landscape in the UK?  

As result of COVID19, the travel industry has been decimated and has effectively not been able to trade since March 2020. It has been a tough job market all round! 

In the travel and hospitality sectors we have witnessed many redundancies, professionals placed in furlough and companies going into administration. This has resulted in a large volume of quality candidates flood onto the job market. From speaking to my clients, they are reporting pent up demand from their customers and enquiries coming in, but not the same demand as yet, compared to previous years.

While this is not ideal if you’re a job seeker, what it means for employers is that you essentially have the pick of top talent that is out there and can be really selective in hiring in the right skills for your business in all departments – Marketing, Sales, Finance, Customer Services, Operations.

Businesses are reinventing and the best candidates are reinventing themselves too. Taking the opportunity to learn new skills and / or honing their CV to present relevant achievements in new ways to show they are adaptable and versatile to potential new employers. 

Networking has becoming increasingly important where it can often be the case of who you know and having the right contacts that will get you across that initial hurdle of getting noticed. 

Q. What are the top 3 things employers are looking for right now?  

Employers I work with are looking for candidates who:

  1. Are the right team fit – personable, approachable, reliable and hardworking
  2. Have versatile skills – they bring new skills, a fresh approach and new ideas
  3. Are self-motivated – That have a positive mindset to get up and go. Ability to get things done, kick goals and adapt quickly.

Q. What roles outside of travel have travel candidates been successful at?  

It’s been a year where many from travel have looked (or been forced to look) for the first time to move into roles outside the sector. For many of us Travel is all we know! 

That however does not mean we cannot learn something new and I’m pleased to say that many of my candidates have been successful in pivoting their careers into new roles in other sectors although they are hoping to return to travel once the industry fully recovers.

Particularly those in customer support, finance, sales, marketing and operations whose skills are easily transferrable into other sectors with very little if at all upskilling required.  I’ve worked with plenty of these job seekers to help them find rewarding jobs in other sectors. 

Q. What’s one of your goals for 2021?

To help my clients in travel rebuild their teams as travel re-emerges and to help my candidates succeed in finding new and rewarding careers where they can thrive and prosper. Post COVID19 I think we will see greater demand for Travel Agents than ever before, with a move by more businesses towards truely flexible working.

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