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Rewarding your team as 2020 draws to a close…

Author: TMS Talent

Published Date: 2020/12


Let’s face it, we are all ready to put the year that was 2020 well and truly behind us! At this time of year when organisations are usually in the midst of planning lavish Christmas celebrations and staff rewards, this year might be a little different for many. 

There might not be the funds there once was or a huge about to celebrate. But employers still want to reward and recognise their teams for preserving through the challenges that this year has thrown at us all. 

Perhaps 2020 gives us the opportunity to rethink how we reward our teams at the end of the year and come up with some more unique, some more personal ways to celebrate, thank our loyal staff for their hard work, and bring everyone together during the silly season. 

The TMS Talent team has put our heads together and come up with a few worth considering…

1. Host a walk your pet day!  - A take on the bring your pet to work day, which everyone LOVES…maybe your team can take their fur babies for a collective park trip or a nice walk along a pet friendly beach. So everyone can spend some time relaxing together in the great outdoors.

2. Online Secret Santa – Organise a new version of the office secret Santa where those willing to participate buy a gift online to be delivered to the home of another team member. A little surprise in the mail is always lovely!

3. Host an outdoor event or picnic – With group gatherings indoors facing so many restrictions, what better opportunity to head outside for an outdoor activity with the team. Barefoot bowling, paintball, a food truck, the zoo, a catered picnic. So many unique ideas worth a shot. 

4. Volunteer in small groups – Empower your small teams to pick a charitable organisation of their choice and give them the day off to go and volunteer their time. A great way to boost team morale as well as give back. 

5. Hold a virtual awards ceremony – Keep it funny! All dress up for the occasion, maybe it’s a theme, black tie or just keep it casual. But do those end of year awards a little differently by thinking outside the box in 2020. 

Most of all take the time out to say thank you! The simple act of thanking your team for their hard work during the midst of a global pandemic and acknowledging they have all done their best whilst juggling the home schooling of kids, being locked down and away from their loved ones is extraordinary. We’ve made it! 

As cliche as this has become “we’re all in this together”. So from our team to yours, cheers to leaving 2020 behind and here’s to a prosperous and happy 2021.