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Digital Market Pulse - What's trending in 2021?

Author: TMS Talent

Published Date: 2021/01

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Our digital team has their finger on the pulse when it comes to what employers and job seekers are on the hunt for in 2021. We sit down with Jamie Ware and Patrick Flaherty who share with us a quick market update to kick off the year:

Q. What roles are in high demand as we start the year? 

Patrick - There has been a huge shift in the past year for agencies and marketing teams to gain more driven insights in order to accurately deliver to their clients. Navigating consumers through a complex world of applications, websites, content and data with CRM and CX (Customer Experience) being at the forefront and in high demand of an already limited talent pool.

Jamie – Absolutely, CX focused hires are in trend at the moment. Every brand is looking at bettering the way they interact with their customers. For my roles, my clients are looking for people who can assist in the integration of a brand into the CX & CRM space off the back of large TVC campaigns, ensuring that customers are happy with their experience throughout their interaction.  

2. How are employers you have spoken to feeling as we start the New Year? 

Jamie - My clients are rearing to go. It's already busy with new jobs and the need to hire in order to backfill people relocating home due to COVID etc. Candidates are now feeling more confident in moving jobs which has opened up several vacancies. Employers might also have leftover budgets they need to use. I'm seeing more permanent hires than freelance at the moment. 

Patrick – Confident and more prepared to face new challenges. Most of our clients have for the first time been faced with serious business questions and survived. There is a collective feel in the industry too, people letting their guard down and showing emotion and empathy. 

3. What candidate skills or traits are most sought after?

Jamie – I’d say, CX, CRM, social media, and strategy. Someone who can analyse data and is confident in reporting facts to uncover the "why" and "how" rather than just putting out content that doesn't achieve results. 

Patrick - Yep agree with Jamie. I’ve also spoken with a lot of agencies going back to quality brand work too. Cheap content is now being replaced with clever, cost effective ideas. 

4. Any advice to candidates looking for a new digital role in 2021. 

Jamie – 

  • Use your recruiters, they have off-market jobs that could be right for you. 
  • Get your CV up to date but don't overdo it. Short and sweet and to the point. 
  • Network, network, network! 
  • If you're unemployed, take that digital class to up skill, don't sit around waiting as the digital market is ever-changing and evolving. You'll get left in the dust if you wait around. 

Patrick – What Jamie said is spot on!  100% agree.

If you’re looking to hire top digital talent or you are a job seeker searching for a new role in 2021. Please reach out to our friendly team who would be happy to help! 

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