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I’m Multilingual. What’s your superpower?

Author: TMS Talent

Published Date: 2021/01


Are you a talented multilingual or bilingual speaker? If you are a fluent in another language, you have a far greater chance of being hired for a role in today’s climate explains TMS Talent’s Elena Ktori.  


“Multilingual and bilingual speakers have always been popular candidates in the travel sector, however what we are now seeing is that these same candidates are proving very desirable by employers across other sectors.” Elena comments 


“Those possessing language skills combined with a customer service, sales or marketing background are increasingly becoming hot property amongst employers who are looking to hire roles spanning European, as well as Asian markets.” Says Elena. 


The TMS Talent team has also observed that language skills also seem to trump experience for some role types, especially where on the job training is provided. “Native language is something employers just can’t teach and so where language is essential, even with limited experience for a role a candidate may still be successful, purely on the basis of their language fluency and proficiency for the role.” Elena explains 


How do you make your language skills stand out?  


Ensure you state them upfront on your CV. Include which languages you speak and your level of written and spoken proficiency. For example: 


Swedish – Native  

English - Business Fluent 

French – Intermediate  


If you possess any language qualifications or certificates, please make sure you list these and the relevant CEFR level or ACTFL level equivalent.  


Communication is a critical part of many jobs, so knowing a second or third language demonstrates to potential employers that you not only have desirable skills, but that you also understand cultural customs and how to interact with other international markets in a desirable manner.  


If you want to stand out from the crowd in today’s job market, make sure you put your language skills up front and centre. Please reach out and have a chat with Elena or any of the TMS Talent team about upcoming multilingual roles.